Novar Windfarm

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Novar Windfarm

Located on the Novar Estate, 5 miles (8km) north-west of Evanton and 4 miles (6km) south-west of Ardross, the Novar Windfarm covers an area of 300ha (742 acres) on the slopes to the north of Glen Glass in Easter Ross.

Ben Wyvis (a National Nature Reserve and at a height of 1046 is a Munro) lies 6 miles (10km) to the south-west.

The windfarm cost £16 million to construct and began generation in 1997.

The windfarm comprises 34 turbines each 35m (115 feet) in height and capable of generating 500kw of power, i.e. a total capacity of 17mw.

An extension to the windfarm was given Planning Approval in 2006 and is presently under construction.

The additional turbines will have a maximum power output of 2mw and with a combined maximum of 32mw this will give a total capacity at Novar of 49mw.

01 Novar Windfarm

Attribution:  Text: Angus Christie;  Photographs: John Finlayson

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