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Ways you can help:

The Future

The Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society has nearly 50 years of recording the history, environment, folk, places events, work and social activities across the Ross and Cromarty area. To continue with this work in the future we need people from the area to help. Maybe you have memories from the past or old photos of local people or places, then please get in touch. We also need volunteers to work on the website, raise much needed funds or contribute to our social networking pages. As an Editor of the “Ross-shire Journal” said when he first heard of the Project: “Whatever else, taking part in this Project should be fun”.

Help us build a record of the Heritage of Ross and Cromarty

Do you have memories of days gone by, or old photos in a box in the attic? Maybe elderly relatives have stories from their youth living and working in their community. Even minor events in the past are worth recording. Do you know someone who worked on a local farm or in a shop or factory in your community? Have they got a story to tell? Perhaps you are a member of a local sports club or the local pub darts team. Why not write your memories? Your memories might be thought-provoking to other people. Your story might encourage a neighbour or friend to tell their story. Send your thoughts and photos to Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society as either digital text and photographs or contact us and we will type out your text and scan in your photos. As a contributor to the website your story and photos may help to build a record of the heritage of Ross and Cromarty that will be preserved for many years into the future.

Get Involved

The Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society work of researching, creating and maintaining the pages on this website is all carried out by a small team of volunteers. We always need more people to help. Maybe you are interested in collecting material such as memories and photos from local people or carrying out local historical research or genealogical information? Research is an important function of our volunteers. Not sure if you want to carry out original research, then why not help be transferring information, stories and photographs from our contributors onto the website. The website Computer Management System is online and can be edited by any computer with internet access. Don’t have a computer, the Society has computers that you could use. As a volunteer you will be helping to build a website, originally started in the 1990’s.

Other Ways to Help

If you have enjoyed reading the pages on this website, but not wishing to get involved directly then why not help by making a contribution to our funds. Donations/bequests are always gratefully received. You can either donate via credit/debit card/PayPal or by cheque via our postal address below:

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