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Ways you can help:

The Future

The Heritage Society has for over 50 years been recording the history, environment, places, work and social events and activities across the Ross and Cromarty area.

Unquestionably, to continue this work we need people from the area to help.

We are particularly need new volunteers for many aspects of our work.

Help us build a record of the Heritage of Ross and Cromarty

Surprisingly, many of us have memories from the past, a box of old photos and memorabilia marking local events in history

Your memories might help a friend, neighbour  or an older relative to remember something from their past. If they or you have stories or recollections of living and working in your community,  write them  down and let us share them? Furthermore, think on older and now closed businesses, a local farm, a shop or factory in your community. Has it closed, what was it’s history?

Undeniably, every event from the past, big or small, is worth recording. From  local sports club football teams, everyone has a story to tell. 

With this purpose in mind, send your thoughts and photos to our volunteers and we will prepare them for publishing.

As a contributor to the website your story and photos will assist in building a complete heritage of Ross and Cromarty.

A heritage that will  be preserved for many years into the future.

Get Involved

Our small team of volunteers are continuously researching, creating and maintaining the our web pages.

Despite this, we always need additional assistance.

Research is an important function of our volunteers regardless of their technological experience.

Regardless of your experience, we need your interest and passion for local history.

Arguably, your assistance, no matter how small, can make an undeniable difference to our work.

As a volunteer you will be helping to build a website, originally started in the 1990’s.



Our website Computer Management System is online and can be edited by any computer with internet access. 

Our Tech Support   Volunteer position is in urgent need of support and assistance. Do you have the knowledge and skills to assist?




Other Ways to Help

If you have enjoyed reading the pages on this website, but not wishing to get involved directly then why not help by making a contribution to our funds.

Donations/bequests are always gratefully received.

You can either donate via credit/debit card/PayPal or by cheque via our postal address below:

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