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Attribution: unknown (The ruin of Free Church in Jamestown)

Residential Properties

Seven homes have been selected by architect Douglas Murray to provide examples of the wide variety of homes in Strathpeffer.  We are giving a small ‘taster’ of the homes in this page but you can see the full number of properties in the photo album at the bottom of this page.

However, we will start with one house not selected by Mr Murray, which is Crancil Brae, the photograph of which was taken early in the 20th century by the owner, T Wellwood Maxwell, the Strathpeffer chemist.

Crancil Brae

Attribution: T Wellwood Maxwell

Raven Cottage

An early cottage, originally thatched, tucked into the slope, now surrounded by Victorian villas and dominated by Cromartie Buildings, but it would have been in green fields at one time.

Raven Cottage

Attribution: unknown

No. 8 Kinellan Drive

No. 8 Kinellan Drive is a typical council house with an attractive garden.

No. 8 Kinellan Drive is a typical council house with an attractive garden.

Attribution: unknown


Manderley – For a contemporary house I think Angus Macdonald’s “Manderley” is a worthy example of the period, also in a piended style with strong overhanging eaves, reflecting the owner’s times working in the Far East. It is set on the hillside above the village with spectacular views down the strath to the Cromarty Firth.
[Sadly, Angus Macdonald died in 2010.]

Sunlight on Manderley

Attribution: unknown

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