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Commonwealth War Grave at Suddie Old Churchyard, St Duthus, Knockbain

Scattered war graves  are maintained under the care of the CWGC. Most headstones in Scotland are of Scottish Marble and are in the shape easily recognised as CWGC headstones. You may also notice that some names are recorded on a family headstone. This was usually at the request of the family. The CWGC do still however maintain the war casualties name and details only.

As you walk around the Easter Suddie Old Churchyard, you may become aware of other war casualties names on other family headstones. These casualties will be laid to rest or named on a commemorative monument where they fell in battle and as such the headstones do not fall into the category of a CWGC war grave.

Lieutenant Alastair Dow

Click on the link below for the Knockbain War memorial

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