Attribution: Unknown (The wishing-tree on Isle Maree, Loch Maree)

Inverewe House

The National Trust House at Inverewe Gardens on the site of the original built by Osgood Mackenzie.

We have included a few photographs of the gardens and its features on this palge but please visit the photograph album at the bottom of the page for more photographs.

Inverewe House

Attribution: unknown

The Lily Pond

Inverewe Lily Pond

The Vegetable Garden

Inverewe Vegetable Garden

Attribution: unknown

Inverewe Azaleas
Shore at Inverewe Gardens

Attribution: unknown

The jetty at Inverewe Gardens

The jetty at Inverewe Garden is used by the little boats from larger vessels, like the Hebridean Princess, to bring passengers ashore at Inverewe. Local people go canoeing from here and seals can be seen on the nearby rocks.

[Contributed by Scott Maclean when a pupil at Poolewe Primary School.]

In December 2015 the National Trust for Scotland announced the expenditure of £530,000 to provide modern facilities and the space required in the care of some of the rare plants. This will take the form of a new greenhouse as the current facilities are described as “beyond economic repair and completely unsuitable for the needs of modern gardening”.

The total expenditure of £1.5 million includes extensive work on Inverewe House and a nearby summer house before opening the properties to the public.

Inverewe Jetty

Attribution: unknown

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