Little Lochbroom Schools

Attribution: unknown or not recorded

Badcaul primary School 1901-2022

Badcaul Primary School was opened in 1901, replacing the older building that was across the road , by the church. It finally closed its doors in January 2022.

A known teacher from 1936 was Miss Mcleod, who later became Mrs Mackenzie.

Teachers and staff on 2022 included: Susan MacSweeney, Eleanor Kennedy and James Mackenzie who was a former pupil and in 2022 he drove the school bus.

1) Badcaul School 1930's

Attribution: Ken MacLennan

Other Side Schools

A Side School is a School of Isolated and Distance Education: 

Bhord Bhuie School 

Dundonnell Side School

Old Gruinard

Badrallach Side School

Scoraig Sid School

12) Bhord Buie School 1936

                                                                                                                                 Attribution: Roddy MacLennan

Teachers of Badrallach Side School

There is a short list of teachers names that have been discovered in old school jotters:
Alice Macrae 1927
Georgie (Shortag) Mackay nee Munro 1934 (went on to teach at Gruinard then Cluny)
Ella MacGregor April 1940
Dolly Urquhart (Renwick) from Glenglass, mother from Badluarach. 1946 (Georie MacKay and Dolly Urquhart’s grannies were sisters)
Murdina Campbell 1955, who was possibly the last teacher of Badrallach school, as her family were one of the last to leave Scoraig in the 1960’s.

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Little Lochbroom Schools

This Album has been created with the input from members of the Historic Little Lochbroom, Facebbok page. Many of the photos are from a private family collection belonging to Mr Ken MacLennan. Our society are very grateful for their permission to reproduce this collection.
11) Badcaul school
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