Attribution: RCHS (Milton village)

Burial ground

Burial grounds – Clachan Church

Clachan Church

Attribution: unknown

Grave of Archibald MacLachlan

“Erected by Samuel McLachlan in memory of his son Archibald MacLachlan who died 8 September 1827 aged 6 months.”
Attribution: unknown

Grave of Malcolm Finlayson

“In loving memory of our dearly beloved son Malcolm Finlayson who departed this life 25th April 1934 in his Twelfth Year.”
‘Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me’
Attribution: unknown

Grave of A. Finlayson, Able Seaman

A. Finlayson, Able Seaman, RN D/JX 172357 HMM TB30, 18th December 1942, age 25.
“In memory of my beloved son Angus, killed in action.”
Attribution: unknown

Clachan Church burial ground

Attribution: unknown

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