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Welcome to Applecross

The parish of Applecross dates back to the time of Maelrhuba who landed at Appercrossan in 673AD and made the area the centre of his Christian mission for almost fifty years. The ground around his monastery, which stretched for six miles in all directions, became privileged ground, and became  known as ‘the sanctaury’ or A’ Chomraich in Gaelic.

 For many years access to the area was via the Bealach na Ba (Gaelic for ‘pass of the cattle’) until a road along the coastline was opened in 1976 linking Shieldaig  the townships of Kenmore, Fearnbeg, Fearnmore and Lonbain and the area of Applecross. The area most people refer to as ‘Applecross village’ is in fact where you will find the Inn, petrol station and a shop is in fact known as ‘Shore Street’.

Road warning sign

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Fearnbeg    Attribution: unknown


Fearnmore    Attribution: unknown


Kenmore     Attribution: unknown

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