Strathpeffer Places

Attribution: unknown (The ruin of Free Church in Jamestown)

Kinnettas Old Churchyard

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Fodderty Cemetery

Fodderty cemetery is the location of the Fodderty War Memorial. For more images click on the button below

Fodderty Cemetery

Attribution: not recorded or unknown

Strathpeffer churches

Strathpeffer has a variety of churches from the ruins of former Free Church in Jamestown to St Anne’s Episcopal Church.

The former Free Church in Jamestown, Strathpeffer.

Attribution: unknown

Commercial Properties

This section covers a wide variety of different commercial properties through the ages.

"the paper shop"

Attribution: unknown

Strathpeffer Features

This section covers a range of diverse features such as St John the Baptist well and the memorial plaque to the former pupils of Fodderty Primary School killed in the First World War. 

St John the Baptist well

Attribution: unknown

Highland Museum of Childhood

Located in a restored Victorian Station, built in 1885 in the Spa village of Strathpeffer, the Museum tells the story of childhood in the Highlands amongst hardworking crofters and townsfolk, where money and luxuries were scarce, and life followed the rhythm of the seasons; a way of life recorded by oral testimony, displays, and evocative photographs. Our own award-winning video “A Century of Highland Childhood” is also shown.

Image for Angela Kellie Doll and Toy Collection

Attribution: unknown

Public Buildings

Many of the photographs in this section were taken by  three pupils of Fodderty Primary School (Oct. 1998).

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The Pump Room

A visit to the last remaining pump room of the former Spa complex at Strathpeffer gives an idea of the procedures endured by those who came to “take the waters” at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, 21st century health and safety regulations no longer permit sampling of the contents of the sulphur or iron wells lying deep underground.

Nurse lowering patient into mud bath

Attribution: unknown


Seven homes have been selected by architect Douglas Murray to provide examples of the wide variety of homes in Strathpeffer….. and one that didn’t make the list.

Crancil Brae

Attribution: unknown

Place Names of Fodderty Parish

This extract was taken, with the permission of the Trustees, from Prof. W.J. Watson’s – ‘Place Names of Ross and Cromarty’. The most recent edition of this work was published by HIGHLAND HERITAGE BOOKS Tir nan Oran, 8 Culcairn Road, Evanton IV16 9YT

Place Names of Ross and Cromarty

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