George Murdoch

Attribution: S. Fraser (Maryburgh Primary School March 2015)

Maryburgh's benefactor

George Murdoch was born in Edinburgh on 22nd October 1913 but was brought up in Maryburgh. He attended Maryburgh Primary School and Dingwall Academy. His father was the Postmaster in Maryburgh Post Office. His mother was the midwife in Maryburgh and matron of Dingwall Hospital.

George trained as an electrical engineer, became a Chartered Electrical Engineer and a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. He was employed in various positions with Ferranti, initially in Manchester where he met and married his late wife Ada in 1942. They subsequently moved to Surrey, then Helensburgh prior to retiring to Maryburgh in 1975.

George’s contributions to Maryburgh will be remembered for a long time for his generosity. He was a remarkable benefactor, giving substantial sums of money to Maryburgh Amenities Association, Friends of Seaforth, Maryburgh Indoor Bowling Club, Maryburgh Primary School.

George Murdoch (on the left)

George (on the left) at the opening of the new Maryburgh Amenities Centre in May 1981.

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A retired businessman from Maryburgh, near Dingwall, has denoted a Siemen electro-cardiograph machine to Dingwall Health Centre. Mr George Murdoch (72), 13 Rosshill Drive, is seen presenting the machine, which measures heart activity, to Sister Elizabeth Low (left) and Sister Margaret Wilson (right), while other members of the health centre staff look on. Last night Mr Murdoch explained how he came about giving the machine, which cost about £1000, to the health centre.”I was in the centre one day when I heard that their old machine had broken down. So I just told the staff to buy another one and I’d foot the bill.”

George donated an electrical cardiograph machine to Dingwall Health Centre

In addition to the above, George donated an electrical cardiograph machine to Dingwall Health Centre in 1985.

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Trans-Atlantic Yachtswoman Sponsored

His love of sailing prompted George to other acts of generosity. In 1987 he sponsored the intrepid trans-Atlantic yachtswoman Anne Miller in her historic solo voyages across both ways in her 27ft sloop Rupert, and in 1988 he came to the financial aid of the Banff – Stavanger Yacht Race.

George Murdoch gift of his estate

George’s final act as a benefactor was to leave his entire estate to the RNLI as a major contribution to a new lifeboat to be stationed in Scotland.
Angus Christie presents the cheque to Maren Fitzgerald of the RNLI. Looking on are Jane Chisholm (left) and Betty Christie (right).

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