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Photo: #8076

Lieutenant Commander J. Mansell

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Lieut.-Commander J. Mansell

Date of Paper: 08.05.1942
Surname: Mansell
Forename(s): J.
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Regiment: Royal Navy
Home Address: Lemlair, Dingwall

Mrs Nancy Mansell, Lemlair, Dingwall, has been officially informed that her husband, Lieut.-Commander J. Mansell, R.N., is missing. He was on HMS Dorsetshire which was sunk three weeks ago. Mrs Mansell is a daughter of Mr and Mrs P W. McCallum of Lemlair, and has one child, a month old.

Another daughter of Mr and Mrs McCallum is Mrs Patricia Jackson, wife of Commander Alan Jackson, R.N., who commanded the submarine Undine that was lost in 1940. Commander Jackson was picked up by the Germans in the Heligoland Bight, and is in a German prison camp.

Yet another daughter of Mr and Mrs McCallum, Mrs Isobel Humphreys, lost her husband, Capt. Jock Humphreys, R.N., by the sinking of the aircraft carrier Glorious in 1940.

Mrs Mansell, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Humphreys, with their families, are staying with their father and mother at Lemlair.

Photo: #7043

Meikle George, Pte, Dingwall

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Private George Meikle

Date of Paper: 02.08.1940
Surname: Meikle
Forename(s): George
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: 3 Meiklefield Road, Dingwall

Pte. George Meikle, The Seaforths, missing, is a son of the late Mr Harry Meikle, and of Mrs Meikle, 3 Meiklefield Road, Dingwall. Prior to the war, he was employed on public works at Evanton.

Handwritten note: “Reported killed in action received 23rd Dec., 1942.”

Photo: #8075

Lance Corporal Colin Moir

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Lance Corporal Colin Moir

Date of Paper: 12.07.1940
Surname: Moir
Forename(s): Colin
Rank: Lance Corporal
Regiment: Seaforths
Home Address: 26 Millcraig Road, Dingwall

L./Corpl. Colin Moir, The Seaforths, missing, is the son of Mr and Mrs Andrew Moir, Fodderty, while his wife and child reside at 26 Millcraig Road, Dingwall. He was employed at Drummond Farm, Evanton, for a number of years.

Handwritten note: “On 30th November L./Cpl. Moir was reported, through the American Embassy, to have died on The Somme on 4th June, 1940.”

Photo: #8074

Lance Bombardier Hugh Munro

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Lance Bombardier Hugh Munro

Date of Paper: 14.07.1944
Surname: Munro
Forename(s): Hugh
Rank: Lance Bombardier
Regiment: Royal Artillery
Home Address: Meiklefield Road, Dingwall

L./Bmr. Hugh Munro, R.A., I.A.A., wounded, is a son of Mr and Mrs John Munro, Meiklefield Road, Dingwall. A butcher with Messrs Fraser Bros., he served in the Middle East before going to Normandy.

Photo: #8073

Captain Patrick Munro of Foulis

Photo from his War Diary

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Captain Patrick Munro of Foulis

Date of Paper: 19.07.1940
Surname: Munro of Foulis
Forename(s): Patrick
Rank: Captain
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Ardullie Lodge, Dingwall

Captain Patrick Munro of Foulis, and Captain Hector Gascoigne, The Seaforths, have both been reported missing. Sons of the late Lieut. Colonel Cecil Gascoigne, D.S.O., The Seaforths, and of Mrs Gascoigne of Ardullie, and grandsons of the late Colonel Sir Hector Munro of Foulis, Bart., and of Lady Munro of Foulis, both were serving in the 51st Division and are believed to be prisoners of war. Capt. Patrick Munro, it will be recalled, succeeded to the estate of Foulis on the death of his grandfather, taking the old family name. He is Chief of Clan Munro (Association). The attachements of the House of Foulis with The Seaforths, direct and indirect, have been long and intimate. The heir to the title, Captain Hector Munro, yr. of Foulis, fell in the last war shortly before the Armistice while serving with The Seaforth Highlanders.

Handwritten notes: “Prisoner of War 9th August, 1940. Pat liberated 11th May, 1945. Hector liberated 18th May, 1945.”

Photo: #8078

Trooper Roderick Munro

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Trooper Roderick Munro

Date of Paper: 29.09.1944
Surname: Munro
Forename(s): Roderick (brothers John, Maurice, Willie; sister Avril)
Rank: Trooper
Regiment: R.A.C. (Tanks)
Home Address: 37 Clifford Street, Ibrox, Glasgow, ex-Coulhill, Alness, and Pavilion Hotel, Dingwall.


Trooper Roderick Munro (Ronnie), of the R.A.C. (Tanks), killed in action in September, aged 21 years and 2 months, was the second son of Mr and Mrs R. Munro, 37 Clifford Street, Ibrox, Glasgow, formerly of Coulhill, Alness, and Pavilion Hotel, Dingwall. Trooper Munro was one of five of a family, four of whom are serving with the Forces. John, who was well known in Dingwall as a Post Office messenger, is in the RAF; Willie (Smiler), who was twice torpedoed in four months, is in the Pacific; Avril (only sister) is in the WAAFs. A younger brother, Maurice, is still at home.

Photo: #8077

Sergeant William G. Munro

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Sergeant William G. Munro

Date of Paper: 02.08.1940
Surname: Munro
Forename(s): William G.
Rank: Sergeant
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Commercial Buildings, Dingwall

Sergt. William G. Munro, The Seaforths, missing, is a son of Mr and Mrs George Munro, Commercial Buildings, Dingwall. In the last war Sergt. Munro served with the Huzzars, and after peace had been declared, proceeded with his regiment to India. On expiry of his time, he joined the Ross-shire T.F., with whom he has served since. In civil life he was employed at the Dingwall Auction Marts.

Handwritten notes: “9th August, 1940, Prisoner of War. Liberated 18th May, 1945.”

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