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Private John (and brother Donald) Mackenzie

Date of Paper: 05.07.1940
Surname: Mackenzie
Forename(s): John (and brother Donald)
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Meiklefield Road, Dingwall.

Pte. John Mackenzie, The Seaforths, is a son of Pipe Major John Mackenzie, and Mrs Mackenzie, Meiklefield Road, Dingwall. A grocer with Messrs Liptons Ltd., a brother, Donald, with the same battalion, was invalided home on the eve of the big German push.

Handwritten notes: “Missing. Prisoner of War 13th Sept., 1940. Liberated 18th May, 1945.”

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Private Neil Mackenzie

Date of Paper: 04.02.1944
Surname: Mackenzie
Forename(s): Neil
Rank: Private
Regiment: London Scottish
Home Address: Dochnaclear, Brae, Dingwall

Pte. Neil Mackenzie, London Scottish, missing, is the youngest son of Mrs Mackenzie, Dochnaclear, Brae, Dingwall. He is a carpenter to trade.

Handwritten notes: “… and was employed by Mr Donald Cameron, Dingwall. 31st March, 1944, reported prisoner of war and lies wounded in a German Hospital. Repatriated Feb. 1945.”

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Gunner P. E. Mackenzie

Date of Paper: 16.06.1944
Surname: Mackenzie
Forename(s): P. E.
Rank: Gunner
Regiment: Royal Artillery
Home Address: Fingal Road, Dingwall

Mr John Mackenzie, HM Barrack Warden, and Mrs Mackenzie, Fingal Road, Dingwall, have received a letter from their son, Gnr. P. E. Mackenzie, R.A., that he has been wounded by shrapnel in the arm and evacuated to this country. He states that his condition is not serious, and has high praise for the warmness of the welcome he and his comrades received from the people of this country all the way from their port of landing. “Even grannies and kids, waving Union Jacks, lined the route, while the treatment meted out to us by the Americans we came in contact with could not be bettered. They really ‘did us proud!'”

Gnr. Mackenzie, barely out of his teens, was on the staff of the Dingwall Post Office before enlisting, and a valued N.C.O. of Dingwall Home Guard, in which his father was for a time R.Q.M.S. He is a grandson of the late Mr Dan Maclean, slater contractor, and the late Nurse Maclean, Dingwall.

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Flying Officer Robert David Walter Mackenzie

Date of Paper: 03.03.1943 and 23.04.1944
Surname: Mackenzie
Forename(s): Robert David Walter
Rank: Flying Officer
Regiment: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Home Address: Clarkville, Dingwall


Information was received from the Air Ministry yesterday that Flying Officer Robert David Walter Mackenzie, RAF VR, is reported missing in North Africa as a result of war operations on 2nd March, 1943, but believed to be a prisoner of war. Flying Officer Mackenzie is a son of Mr James Mackenzie, saddler, and Mrs Mackenzie, Clarkville, Dingwall. Prior to volunteering in the RAF, he was on the reporting staff of the Ross-shire Journal.

date of Paper: 23.04.1944

Flying Officer Robert David Walter Mackenzie, RAF, reported missing on 2nd March, 1943, in North Africa, is now known to be prisoner of war in Italian hands. The information came in a personal letter from himself to his parents, Mr and Mrs James Mackenzie, Clarkville, Dingwall, and was apparently written from an hospital in Italy. He states that he is “recovering and getting his appetite back”. The letter is dated 14th March, but he refers to a previous letter. This, however, has not come to hand yet. Flying Officer Mackenzie, on 2nd March, went on an operational flight, in which there were two machines. When over enemy territory, Mackenzie signalled to the accompanying maching that he had been “hit”. Subsequently Mackenzie’s plane crashed into thick undergrowth. The other plane circled round for a time but saw no movement. Flying Officer Mackenzie was on the reporting staff of the Ross-shire Journal before enlisting.

Handwritten notes: “5th November, 1943 – arrived in Cairo [part obliterated]. Brother – James [part obliterated]. 20th July, 1945 – killed.”

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Sergeant Roderick Mackenzie

Date of Paper: 02.08.1940
Surname: Mackenzie
Forename(s): Roderick
Rank: Sergeant
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Burnside, Dingwall, ex-Blairninich, Strathpeffer

Sergt. Roderick Mackenzie, The Seaforths, missing, is a son of Mr and Mrs John Mackenzie, Blairninich, Strathpeffer. His wife and family of one boy and one girl reside at Burnside, Dingwall. A Territorial of long standing, Sergt. Mackenzie was head clerk with Mr Robert Munro, late Town Chamberlain, Dingwall, and continued in the post when Major W. S. Dewar, Town Clerk, succeeded as Chamberlain duties.

Handwritten notes: “Prisoner of war 30th August, 1940. Repatriated February 1945.”

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Sergeant T. Mackenzie

Date of Paper: 27.11.1942
Surname: Mackenzie
Forename(s): T.
Rank: Sergeant
Regiment: Signalling Corps
Home Address: Wester Blackwells, Dingwall

Sgt. T. Mackenzie, Signalling Corps, wounded in the Middle East, is a son of Mr and Mrs A. Mackenzie, Wester Blackwells, Dingwall, and was previously employed as a shepherd with Mr P. W. MacCallum, of Lemlair.

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Private George Macleod

Date of Paper: 05.07.1940
Surname: Macleod
Forename(s): George
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: 14 Wyvis Terrace, Dingwall


Private George Macleod, The Seaforths, is a son of Mr George Macleod, painter, and Mrs Macleod, 14 Wyvis Terrace, Dingwall. An upholsterer to trade, he was employed by Messrs James Mackenzie & Sons, Dingwall. His elder brother, John, also a Seaforth, is in an English hospital recovering from wounds.
Handwritten notes: “Prisoner of Wat 16 August 1940. Liberated 18 May 1945.”

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Private Ian Macleod

Date of Paper: 26.11.1943
Surname: Macleod
Forename(s): Ian
Rank: Private
Regiment: Military Police Service
Home Address: Church Street, Dingwall


Deep sympathy will be extended to Mrs Margaret Macleod, Highland Restaurant, Dingwall, in the tragic death of her son, Private Ian Macleod, Military Police Corps, which took place as the result of a drowning accident at Glasgow on Wednesday while on military duty. Details of the accident are not yet to hand, but it is understood that Private Macleod took up his military duties at Glasgow Docks at 4 am. A former pupil of Dingwall Academy, and one of the most likeable boys, Ian Macleod carried his polularity with him into his manhood years and among his friends his loss will be deeply felt. The funeral takes place to Mitchell Hill Cemetery tomorrow (Saturday).

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Private Jack Macleod

Date of Paper: 21.06.1940 and 28.06.1940
Surname: Macleod
Forename(s): Jack
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: 4 Wyvis Terrace, Dingwall


Date of Paper: 21.06.1940

Private Jack Macleod, Seaforth Highlanders, has written home to the effect that he lies wounded in a French hospital, in which he is the only Britisher. He is a son of Mr and Mrs George Macleod, 4 Wyvis Terrace, Dingwall, and prior to enlisting was a plumber with Mr Thomson Mackenzie, Dingwall.

Date of Paper: 28.06.1940

Private Jack Macleod, Seaforth Highlanders, recently reported wounded and in hospital in France, has telegraphed to his parents, Mr and Mrs George Macleod, Wyvis Terrace, Dingwall, that he has now arrived in this country and is in hospital in England. Private Macleod is a plumber to trade and prior to the war was employed with Mr Thomson Mackenzie, Dingwall. A brother, George, is also serving with the Seaforth Highlanders.

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Corporal Robert Ross Macmillan

Date of Paper: 18.11.1942
Surname: Macmillan
Forename(s): Robert Ross
Rank: Corporal
Regiment: New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Home Address: Ashburton, New Zealand, ex-Dingwall

Cpl. Robert Ross Macmillan, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, died of wounds in the Middle East on 26th October, 1942. This informnation has been received by his uncle, Mr Frank R. Ross, clothier, High Street, Dingwall. Deceased was the son of Mr and Mrs Robert Macmillan, Ashburton, South Island, and a grandson of the late Mr William Macmillan, Gordonville, Dingwall, and the late Mr Roderick Ross, St. Margaret’s, Dingwall. About 25 years of age, he visited Dingwall with his parents when he was a child and is remembered by many people.

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Major Angus Laidlaw Macnab

Date of Paper: 22.09.1944
Surname: Macnab
Forename(s): Angus Laidlaw
Rank: Major
Regiment: Cameron Highlanders
Home Address: 63 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh, ex-Ardullie, Dingwall


Major Angus Macnab, Cameron Highlanders, killed in action in North-west Europe, was a son of the late Mr Angus Macnab, head gamekeeper, Foulis estate, Evanton, who served as a C.S.M. in the last war with the 1/4th Seaforth Highlanders. Major Macnab was a banker by profession, and was employed in the Nairn branch of the National Bank before he joined up. His wife, two daughters and one son reside in Edinburgh.

On Active Service. MACNAB – Killed in action in North-West Europe, in September, 1944, Major Angus Laidlaw Macnab, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders (of National Bank, Nairn), dearly beloved only son of the late Angus Macnab, of Ardullie Lodge, Dingwall, and Mrs Macnab, 63 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh, aged 27 years.

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Private James Mann

Date of Paper: 05.07.1940
Surname: Mann
Forename(s): James
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Gladstone Avenue, Dingwall

Pte. James Mann, The Seaforths, is a son of Mr and Mrs John Mann, Gladstone Avenue, Dingwall. He was employed by Mr Macgregor, butcher, Dingwall, prior to enlisting.

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Second Lieutenant Richard Peter Montague Mann

Date of Paper: 21.05.1943
Surname: Mann
Forename(s): Richard Peter Montague
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Regiment: Royal Irish Horse
Home Address: Gordonville, Dingwall

2nd Lieut. Richard Peter Montague Mann, Royal Irish Horse, killed in action, was the husband of Dorothy Clay, daughter of Mr and Mrs Clay, Shanghai, and granddaughter of the late Mr and Mrs Wm. Macmillan, Gordonville, Dingwall. Aged 29 years, he was the only son of Mr and Mrs H. M. Mann, Shanghai. Mrs Mann has been for some time in residence with her aunt at Gordonville, Dingwall.

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