My School Days – from an anonymous contributor

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An anonymous contributor tells about his school days.

I’ll never forget my first day at school, my pal joined that day as well, but for some reason or other we started spitting at each other. However, Miss Allan, the teacher, stepped in and broke things up. What a start, so the football players were not the first to introduce the spitting.

Playtime was always looked forward to when Deas would send a tricycle round with pies, sausage rolls, doughnuts etc. Not forgetting the cream cookies.

The 24th May was the Queen’s birthday and we went out to the playground to salute the flag. One of our class mates went to stay in Kirkwall, so somebody made up a little rhyme. Mitchell went away on the 23rd May, the 24th May was the Queen’s birthday.

Sports day down at Victoria Park was quite an occasion. I can picture our Rector, G.L. Turnbull, he used to rest on his walking stick and watch the proceedings. Although I never did much in the classroom, I usually got a prize for running.

I must not forget Kenny, the Jannie, who came round on his bike if you were absent. I was cleaning the mower out the front when I sensed somebody was looking over the handle bars of his bike staring down at me. We both grinned. Och, he wasn’t bad really.

Three of us decided we would like to go to Evanton to see the Sunderland Flying Boats. As we had not the bus fare, we decided that we would visit the bike shed. I always remember it was Friday afternoon and, no doubt helping ourselves to the three best bikes there, we set off and did reach Evanton only to discover the planes were further away than we thought. We about turned and headed back to the old school returning the bike safely. Can’t remember if anything was said by the teacher on the Monday. We were not to happy to see our Roman Catholic friends arriving at 9.20am. We had to report at 9am.

Just one or two memories of the old school.


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