Dingwall Social

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Recreational societies

Dingwall Players' Production of The Wizard of Oz, December 1999

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Other Societies

Dingwall has had a wide variety of societies.  Please follow this link to find out more about them.

Interior of the Dingwall Citizens Advice Bureau office

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Parents of Pre-school children in Dingwall have a wide and varied choice of groups for their children and themselves. Whatever it is parent and toddler, gaelic, nursery or playgroup all are well run and each is unique in their own way and offers different types of play.

Parents are always welcome at any of the groups. They then can choose the group that they think can benefit their child. Contact names can be obtained from Social Work or R.C.C.V.S. Parents also benefit from the social contact they get along with their child. Many friendships are formed. Even when their children move on to formal education, the contact is still there.

04 Dingwall Pefferside Park

Attribution: unknown, The Old Dingwall Academy

Dingwall Museum

Located in Dingwall’s historic Town House (built 1700’s ) the museum has an extensive permanent collection of objects and photographs relating to Dingwall and its surrounding area. Displays include a 19th Century highland kitchen, a blacksmith’s workshop, a military room presenting information on the 4th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders and on Sir Hector MacDonald, the local soldier famous for his leadership at Omdurman in 1898. There is an outside garden court displaying stone objects.

Open to the public annually from May to September since 1980, this independent museum is run by a trust which mounts special exhibitions periodically.

We have many lovely photos of the museum so please take a virtual tour.

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Great Feil Maree

The Great Feil Maree is a highlight in the local calendar and marks the revival of the traditional fair in Dingwall. This annual event, held on the first Saturday of September offers a wide range of fun activites for all ages and makes a great family day out. Throughout the day there are a wide number of stalls, including the Taste of Dingwall, traditional music performers, games for children as well as a large vintage car collection bringing together classic vehicles from all over the country and culminating in a parade and vintage car procession.

Great Feil Maree

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Feis Rois

Feis Rois is recognised nationally as a significant and excellent provider of traditional arts education. Feis Ross have young musicians who perform at a wide range of local events and offer year round range of classes and workshops for young persons and adults interested in traditional music , drama , dance and gaelic song.

For further information please go to www.feisrois.org

Feis Rois - photo 03

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Dingwall News

The Dingwall News was a free community Newpaper. It was sent out to every household in Dingwall. Unfortunately it ceased publication in 2005.

The following pages are taken from Issue No. 3 of the newspaper issued in November/December 1999. The 12 pages give an indication of the style of the newspaper and the type of articles it produced during its publication period.

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