James Curr And Dingwall Mixed Voice Choir

Attribution: unknown (Greenhill street  in Dingwall looking North)

James Curr

After James Curr moved to Ross-shire in the late 1940s, as County Music Organiser, he established Dingwall Mixed Voice Choir and, in 1954, Dingwall Gaelic Choir.

For many years the Mixed Voice Choir presented concerts, both sacred and secular, to an appreciative public. Below is a newspaper photograph of the choir, which would have appeared in either the Ross-shire Journal or North Star, and while the quality of reproduction leaves much to be desired, the names of choir members may be familiar to Dingwall folk.

James Curr
Dingwall Mixed Voice Choir

Back row, l-r: [5 unknown], John Robertson (insurance agent), Alister Fraser (headmaster, Conon), [2 unknown,] John Alex Campbell, James Monteith (baker), [2 unknown], Ian Sutherland (photographer), Ted Disbury, [one unknown], J D Martin, Stanley Morton, [one unknown], Alex Cameron (undertaker).

Third row, l-r: Elizabeth Hay, Connie Cameron, [one unknown], Jenny Cormack, [remainder unknown], Margaret Ross

Second row, l-r: [one unknown], Barbara Wemyss, Katherine Wemyss, [one unknown], Sheila Brown, [6 unknown], Margaret Curr (wife of James).

Front row, l-r: Heather Maclean, Betty Mackenzie, Peggy Munro, May or Betty Kelly, Sheila Macdonald, Eva Munro, James Curr, Mrs Morton, May or Betty Kelly, Peggy Munro, [one unknown], Margaret Stewart, Morag Campbell.

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