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Photo: #8009

Private David Sinclair Mowat

Private David Sinclair Mowat

Date of Paper: 05.07.1940
Surname: Mowat
Forename(s): David S.
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Kinnahaird Farm, Contin

Pte. David Sinclair Mowat, Seaforths, reported missing, is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Alexander Mowat, Kinnahaird Farm, Contin. Only 19 years, prior to joining up he was employed with Mr John Macfarquhar, farmer, Cullicudden. He is a native of Skelbo, Sutherland, and was well known as a boy in Embo village, where he attended school. He was on leave in January, when he left with his comrades for France. Two other brothers have reported for military service.

Handwritten notes: “Prisoner of War 9th August, 1940. Liberated 25th May, 1945.”

Photo: #8011

Trooper John Munro

Trooper John Munro

Date of Paper: 24.07.1942 and 28.08.1942
Surname: Munro
Forename(s): John
Rank: Trooper
Regiment: Royal Tank Regiment
Home Address: Kinnahaird, Contin

Trooper John Munro, Royal Tank Regiment, officially reported missing on 2nd June in the Middle East, is a son of Mr and Mrs John Munro, Kinnahaird, Contin. Originally a Seaforth Volunteer, he transferred to the Armoured Corps. It is aparent from the date of his “missing” that he was in the fighting round Tobruk. News of his whereabouts is anxiously awaited by his parents and friends.

[28.08.1942] Trooper John Munro, Royal Tank Regiment, reported missing in the Middle East on 2nd June, is now officially reported to be a prisoner of war in Italian hands. The information has greatly relieved the anxiety of his parents, Mr and Mrs John Munro, Kinnahaird. Originally a Seaforth Territorial, Trooper Munro transferred to the Armoured Corps.

Handwritten notes: “December 1943 – Transferred to Germany. Liberated 1st June, 1945.”

Photo: #8008

Lance Corporal William Munro

Lance Corporal William Munro

Date of Paper: 27.03.1942, 07.05.1943 and 07.01.1944
Surname: Munro
Forename(s): William
Rank: Lance Corporal
Regiment: Royal Army Observer Corps
Home Address: Coul Cottage, Contin

L./Cpl. William Munro, RAOC, officially reported missing in the Middle East, is a son of Mr and Mrs William Munro, Coul Cottage, Contin. L./Cpl. Munro served in France in 1940 for six months, and three weeks after the evacuation at Dunkirk he and his comrades safely got away from Brest to cross to the home country. Last December he was drafted to Singapore. His last letter home told how pleasant a time he had spent at Christmas during a brief leave at a passing place.

[07.05.1943] L./Cpl. William Munro, RAOC, posted missing on 15th February, 1942, is now officially reported a prisoner of war in Japanese hands at Thai Camp, Thailand. The information was received yesterday by his parents, Mr and Mrs Wm. Munro, Coul Cottage, Contin. He was engaged in the cotton industry in Manchester and joined up on the outbreak of the war. L./Cpl. Munro is a grandson of the late Sgt.-Major D. C. Munro, The Seaforths.

[07.01.1944] PRISONERS OF WAR – L./Cpl. William Munro, RAOC, who went missing at Singapore in February 1942, and was later reported to be a prisoner of war, has now sent confirmation to his parents, Mr and Mrs Munro, Coul Cottage, Contin. In a postcard from Thailand, he writes that he is in excellent health and working for pay. The many friends of the family will be pleased to learn the facts, and that the anxiety of the parents has been allayed.

Photo: #8007

Lance Corporal G. Robertson

Lance Corporal G. Robertson

Date of Paper: 31.07.1942
Surname: Robertson
Forename(s): G.
Rank: Lance Corporal
Regiment: Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address: Achilty Saw Mill, Contin


Mrs Mackenzie, Achilty Saw Mill, Contin, has been officially notified that her son, L./Cpl. G. Robertson, Seaforths, was killed in action on 4th June, 1940, on the Somme. Much sympathy is felt for his mother and two brothers and sisters.

Photo: #8010

Private Donald Urquhart

Private Donald Urquhart

Date of Paper: 28.08.1942
Surname: Urquhart
Forename(s): Donald
Rank: Private
Regiment: Seaforths
Home Address: Riverside, Contin

Mr William Urquhart, Riverside, Contin, has received official information that his son, Pte. Donald Urquhart, The Seaforths, reported missing at St Valery in June 1940, is now presumed to have died of wounds.

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