Attribution: unknown (Old bridge at Contin, c. 1812)

Visit by HM King Haakon VII, King of Norway during WW2

In July 2020 RCHS was able to respond to a request from Mr George Bratli, a Norwegian citizen, whose father served with the Norwegian Battalion in Scotland during WW2, and was stationed at Coul House, but lived with his wife and family in the village. In appreciation Mr Bratli sent the photographs appearing above.

Contin War Memorial

Attribution: unknown

Statistical Accounts

On the 25 May 1790, Sir John Sinclair, Baronet of Ulbster in Caithness wrote to over nine hundred Parish ministers throughout Scotland asking them to contribute to a Statistical Inquiry by answering as best they could,a series of one hundred and sixty-six Queries respecting each Parish.

The New (or Second) Statistical Account of Scotland built on the previous work carried out by Sir John Sinclair for the First Statistical Accounts by including the knowledge of local doctors and schoolmasters. The Second Statistical Accounts were published between 1834 and 1845.

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