Attribution: Karen Graham (Centre of Saltburn village)

Saltburn Boating Club, established 1920s.

RCHS is grateful to Karen Graham for photographs and information on recreational activity in Saltburn in years past, namely Saltburn Boating Club.

Founder member Tom Mackenzie is second right.
Additional handwritten information below photograph records fastest times::
1928-29 – 1 mile – 7½ minutes; 2 miles – 16 minutes. Boat Northwind
1930 – 1 mile – 8.5; 2 miles – 16.35
1932 – 1 mile – 8.36 (12 seconds turn); 2 miles – 17.50. Boat Swallow
Another entry dated 1932: 1 mile – 7.50; 2 miles – 17.00

Saltburn Boating Club, established 1920s.

The same photograph is repeated with a Ross-shire Journal account attached (no date) which reads:
“There was excellent sport in stormy weather at the Cromarty Regatta on Saturday. The rivalry was particularly keen among the local boats for the Copeland Cup in the confined sailing race. The Mayflower, sailed by Mr Thomas Watson and crew, finished first. The Jean Bumble, which was third in the local race, scored a clever triumph for Mr Robert Watson and crew in the open sailing race. The most successes in the men’s swimming races went to C Ironside, Elgin, who won the 440 yards and 50 yards races. Principal results: rowing, mixed pairs, Ladybird (John Fraser and Miss Cheyne, Balblair); ladies, two-oar, Mollie (Miss Malcolm); men, Swallow (D Maclennan and partner); two boys under 17, Mollie (R Hogg and partner, Cromarty); ladies four-oar, Mollie (Miss Malcolm and crew); men, Mollie (Robert Hogg and crew); coble race, four oars, Eathie Bothy. Swimming: boys under 16, Lady Ross Cup, D Gape; boys under 14, Ian Angus, Cromarty; girls, Mabel Gordon, Dingwall; men, 150 yards, A Ferguson, Cromarty; girls under 16, Joyce Forrister, Rosemarkie; ladies, A Malcolm, Cromarty; men’s diving, J Mackay, Cromarty; ladies, J Forrester.

Saltburn Boating Club

Saltburn Boating Club. Winners of The Roderick Robertson Challenge Cup 1928.
Tom Mackenzie is second left.

Again, the same photo is used when the Boating Club participated in the Invergordon Regatta of 1928 but there is no mention of success.

Saltburn Boating Club, established 1920s.

Attribution: unknown

Postcard dated 24 August 1936 sent to Sybil Mackenzie.
Middle boat – The Swallow from Saltburn with Herbie Weir and cox Jimmy Purdie.
Outside boat – Ladybird from Saltburn with Tom Mackenzie and crew.
Inside boat – from Cromarty.

Postcard dated 24 August 1936 sent to Sybil Mackenzie.

Attribution: unknown

Preparation for Regatta

In preparation for Regatta, Swallow practice timings recorded by Tom Mackenzie, Saltburn.
Sybil Mackenzie recalled being cox in The Swallow at a Cromarty Regatta in the mid- 1930s because the usual boy who coxed was ill. Swallow won the race but was disqualified, as the cox was a girl !

In preparation for Regatta

Attribution: unknown

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