Kilmuir and Logie Easter Social

Attribution: Photo courtesy of Tain Museum Trust (Balnagown castle)

Barbaraville Pipe Band

Barbaraville Pipe Band

Attribution: unknown

Ladies Sewing Club

Banner produced by
Kilmuir and Logie Easter Guild


The Kilmuir Easter Banner, which hangs behind the pulpit, commemorates the Bi-centenary of the present church in 1998. The materials used, the design and the work was carried out mainly by members of the local Ladies Sewing Club, which meets weekly in the Community Room at Milton School. The majority of the ladies in the club are members of the church, Dileas Baxter, Pearl Bain and Annie McRae being the main contributors. The Cross and Doves are quilted appliqué and the church is embroidered in wool.

Banner produced by Kilmuir and Logie Easter Guild

Attribution: unknown

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