Invergordon Smelter

Attribution: unknown (Cromarty Firth, Invergordon)

Invergordon Smelter

We have acquired a wealth of information about the operation of the Invergordon Smelter from one of its senior managers.  We have split the document up into several smaller documents which have all been included in this page.

For further reading see Hansard of 18 January 1982, pp. 22-32 and 43-43

Briefing Paper

This, as its name suggests is a Briefing Paper about the Invergordon Smelter and includes some facts about the British Aluminium Group in 1982.

Invergordon Smelter

This is a slightly larger document which covers: the principles and negotiation of the power contract, the selection of a site, the nuclear power price escalation, the 1981 crisis and finally, demolition.

The Reduction Process

This is a very easy to read two page document covering the production process.

Invergordon in Operation

This document contains details of production in the Invergordon Smelter, including production statistics and environmental concerns.

The Saltburn Conveyor

Once of the most dominant features on the landscape that remained for many years after the demise of the Invergordon smelter was the Saltburn conveyor.  This small 2 page document gives more insight into the conveyor.

Invergordon Smelter Sculpture

The British Aluminium Company ran a competition to design a sculpture for the entrance hall of its administration block.  This document details it process and the final product.

Repairs to Hunterston-B

This one page document details the repairs to Hunterston-B in the late 1970s.

Closure Opposition Leaflet

In addition to the attached leaflet for further reading see Hansard of 18 January 1982, pp. 22-32 and 43-43.

This leaflet was written by:
by Gordon Brown, MP (who nearly 30 years later became Prime Minister), John Reid, MP, and Brian Wilson, MP

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