Invergordon Museum

Attribution: unknown (Cromarty Firth, Invergordon)

Invergordon Naval and Heritage Museum

This museum opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday 1 June 2004. The long-awaited development celebrates Invergordon and the Cromarty Firth’s long association with the British Navy and momentous events such as the sinking of HMS Natal in 1915 and the Invergordon Mutiny. It should be open on the days a cruise liner is in port, from 10.00 hours, and hopes to serve teas, coffees and shortbread.

The museum is located only 150 metres from the Admiralty Pier, where most of the cruise liners berth, in Hayes Hall, which is part of the Royal British Legion, between High Street and Shore Road.

Location:  Hayes Hall, High Street, Invergordon

A display of antique cameras at the museum.

A display of antique cameras at the museum.    Attribution: unknown

Some of the weapons and artefacts recovered from the wreck of HMS Natal, which exploded in December 1915 in the Cromarty Firth with the loss of 400 people. The explosion occurred while a party was taking place and the ship keeled over and sank in minutes. Rumour suggestged sabotage but faulty cordite was held to be the cause.

Weapons from the Natal wreck

Attribution: unknown

Display showing detail of Invergordon Hospital.

Display showing detail of Invergordon Hospital.

Attribution: unknown

Models of an oil rig and a lifeboat.

Models of an oil rig and a lifeboat.

Attribution: unknown

The Dods Family

John Henry Dods, Dalgheal, Evanton, his wife Annie Farrer, and their children Dorothy Elizabeth, Marcus Palliser and John Frederick, all of whom perished when HMS Natal exploded in the Cromarty Firth on 30 December. 

Cutting about the Dods Family who were on the Natal

Attribution: [Cutting courtesy of Mhairi Mackenzie]

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