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Fearn, Balintore and Hilton Place Names

Fearn was until 1682 included in the parish of Tarbat. The name was transferred with the monastery from Fearn, Edderton. The monastery, on its new site, was styled Nova Farina, New Fearn, but in Gaelic the parish is Sgìr na Manachainn, Parish of the Monastery, also simply A’ Mhanachainn. As distinguished from Beauly (Manachainn ‘Ic Shimidh), it is called Manachainn Rois, the Monastery of Ross.  This extract was taken, with the permission of the Trustees, from Prof. W.J. Watson’s- ‘Place Names of Ross and Cromarty‘. 

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Place Names of Ross and Cromarty

Fearn, Balintore and Hilton War Memorial

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Fearn War Memorial

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