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Alexander Matheson (1805 - 1886)

Alexander Matheson (1805 – 1886), purchased Ardross Estate which included the parish of Bridgend from the Duke of Sutherland. He improved the estate and in 1880 – 1881 he commissioned Alexander Ross to redesign Adross Castle and was a benefactor to the village of Adross. Over his time of tenure Matheson outlayed some £230,000 on land improvements. He was also responsible for bringing the railway north of Inverness. He sold Ardross to Dyson Perrins in 1899.

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Ardross Castle

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C. W. Dyson Perrins (1864 - 1958)

C. W. Dyson Perrins (1864 – 1958), an English business man bought Ardross Castle and Estate from Alexander Matheson in 1899. Dyson Perrins (of Lea and Perrins fame) gave the Perrins Centre to the town as well as the bowling club and golf club. The original course was on Dalmore flats, which meant that at high tide some of the greens were underwater. The present 18-hole course (on much higher ground!) was leased from Ardross estates in 1922.

In addition to all this, Mrs Perrins turned on the electricity supply to Alness in 1924. Both Matheson and Perrins were avid tree planters and Ardross estate has one of the best collections of trees in Britain.

Charles W D Perrins built Ardross Church, the history of which is detailed in the following page:

Mr & Mrs Dyson Perrins

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Miss Margaret Logan (1908 -1973)

A Pioneer in beekeeping throughout the world, Miss Logan died suddenly whilst on a working holiday in Argentina. Read more from her obituary.

Miss M. Logan

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