Alness Commercial

Attribution: unknown (Perrins Centre)

Commercial Hotel

Commercial Hotel
Commercial Hotel

Two photos of Commercial Hotel, Alness.    Attribution: unknown

Perrins Centre - Then and Now

Perrins Centre 1903

The Perrins Centre, Alness. Donated to the community by Dyson Perrins in 1903.    Attribution: unknown

The Perrins Centre

The Perrins Centre in the 21st Century.     Attribution: unknown

Drain Cover

Mr Mackenzie, plumber, Alness, must have been very enterprising when he had drain covers advertising his business.

Mackenzie drain cover

Attribution: unknown

Co- op Then and Now

The local Co-operative store before and after 2019

Co-operative store

Attribution: not recorded or unknown

Co-operative store 2020

Attribution: Sophie Dickson 2022

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