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Cromarty Burial Grounds

Situated within the grounds of the Gaelic Chapel (built 1784) this burial ground is on the hill above Cromarty.

Burial Ground and The Gaelic Chapel, built 1784.

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Cromarty Churches

Visit the East church and the Gaelic Chapel.


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Cromarty Commercial Properties

Visit the small independent commercial properties in Cromarty.

Cromarty Post Office, in Bank Street.

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From the boatyard to the Emigrant Stone visit a wide range of Cromarty Locations.

Cromarty Lighthouse

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Cromarty Public Buildings

Visit Cromarty’s public gathering places and primary school.

The Victoria Hall.

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Play area above the playingfields at Denny Road.

The adjacent playingfields.

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Cromarty Transport

In May 2016 it was announced that the Cromarty ferry was being restored after a year of non-operating due to berthing problems.

The former Cromarty-Nigg ferry approaching the slipway at Cromarty.

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