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Rosehaugh Estate

Rosehaugh Estate

This is one of the few remaining buildings on the Rosehaugh Estate of the grand buildings commissioned by James Douglas Fletcher. As its name implies it was the dairy to the ‘big house’. Run independently of the Mains Farm, a pedigree herd of Jersey cows provided milk, butter and cheese to the house. During the war the dairy also supplied milk to the village.

Dairy Cottage

Dairy Cottage

Since the 14th century there has been an estate just west of the village of Avoch. Formerly known as Pittanochtie, the estate was owned by Mackenzies but when James Fletcher bought it in 1864 it was known as Rosehaugh. James made some alterations to the building with assistance of architect, Alexander Ross. Upon James’s death in 1884, his son, James Douglas Fletcher made further alterations with the assistance of architect, William Flockhart, who created a magnificent structure which was unfortunately demolished in 1959. Only some of the estate buildings are left such as the stables shown here which now acts as the estate office for the present owners Broadland Properties Ltd.

James Douglas Fletcher

Painting of James Douglas Fletcher, the son of James Fletcher who inherited Rosehaugh House.

Attribution: Photo is courtesy of Lodge Rosehaugh, Avoch.

Although this mansion stood for only 60 years the estate had always provided employment for the village and the Fletchers in particular did much to improve conditions in Avoch. These pages give a glimpse of this magnificent house. For a much more comprehensive view see the book “Rosehaugh, A House Of Its Time” published by Avoch Heritage Association.

In December 2016 a new edition of the book “Rosehaugh: A House of its Time” was launched on the 20th anniversary of its first edition. Co-written by Hilda Hesling, Magdalene Maclean, Kathleen Macleman and the late John Mills, the book contains new material and photographs and is available from Bassman Books.

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