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The Avoch and Killen community is located on the Black Isle.  So, Avoch is a small fishing village while on the other hand Killen is mainly agricultural.  This means in the past most of the folk in Avoch and Killen have been employed in agriculture or fishing.  However, in the past the village has also been involved in ship building and transporting goods by ship.

A Pictorial Tour of Avoch and Killen

Why not join in a pictorial tour of Avoch through the ages?  You will meet some of the people who used to live here.  For example this is one of the photos on the tour and shows Sandy and Maggie Skinner working outside their house in Geddieston.  So, not all the work of a fisherman takes place at sea.

Two people baiting fishing lines

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"Scaffie" boats in Avoch harbour

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"Scaffies" in Avoch harbour.

A common sight on the beach was “Scaffies” drawn up on the beach as we can see in this pre-WW1 photograph.  After that,  if we look westward we can see Henrietta Street.  However, two of today’s features are missing: there is no Ormonde Street houses or the industrial estate.  Finally, the site of Ormonde Castle is still well wooded.

Margaret street after a Snowfall

Donald’s shadow can be seen here as he stood with his back to the Firth photographing the bottom of Margaret Street. On the left is a shop which was owned by Robert Jack who sold groceries. It later became an electrical shop. Next to it is a shed which was a shoemaker’s shop.

Snowfall on Margaret Street

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