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how We Determined our 36 Communities

Ross and Cromarty local government county was created in 1890 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889. Subsequently changing to the Highland region in 1975.

Accordingly the Ross and Cromarty boundaries changed resulting in the  majority of  the former county becoming ‘ District of Ross and Cromarty’ and the loss of:

Lochalsh to Skye and Lochalsh District

Kincardine to Sutherland District

Lewis to the Wester Isles.

Henceforth, by 1996, the management of the district was further divided into 13 wards which again changed to 18 wards between 1999 until 2007. The term ‘District’ had been dropped in favour of local management wards.

By and large, after 2007 the name ‘Ross and Cromarty’ was only used for those councillors  representing the former wards on the committee of Highland Council.

With the formation of the Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society , it was decided to remain with the 36 communities of the Ross and Cromarty District council at the time the Highland Region was formed in 1975.

The map illustrates the 36 communities of Ross and Cromarty District council in 1975. Accordingly these communities identify with the corresponding communities on this web site.

Map of Ross and Cromarty area with each community in a different colour

Attribution: I. Fraser and S. Fraser (RCHS)

Our 36 Communities

Pan Ross

The website also contains a Pan Ross section that covers topics across the individual communities

Attribution: I. Fraser and S. Fraser (RCHS)

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