World War 1

Jemma Middleton and her "army".

Ullapool High School WW1 Project

The Men of Lochbroom Through The Eyes Of The Children Of Lochbroom

All photos by permission of Ullapool High School.

In 2018 a World War One trench system was created near Ullapool by pupils from Ullapool, Lochinver, Achiltibuie, Badcaul and Scoraig primaries to mark the ending of the War in 1918, under the supervision of Jemma Middleton, a teacher in Ullapool High School.

The pupils researched a book written by Mrs Edith Fraser of Leckmelm entitled Records of the Men of Lochbroom who fell in the European War 1914-1918.

It took 13 days for the trenches to be dug, by machjne, in a farmer's field, following which features such as wooden boards, stepe and sandbags were added.

Ullapool High School teacher Jemma Middleton, aided by Carl Burns and Jack Maclean, worked 15-hour-long days to complete the trenches and battlefield.

The pupils participated in a laser gun "battle" during the community open day and there was also a re-creation of the Christmas Day truce football match between a local men's team and the pupils.

Heritage Lottery and Historic Environment Scotland provided funding to the project.

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