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Corporal John Urquhart

Corporal John Urquhart [photo supplied by Fraser Skinner in 2012]

Sergeant John R Urquhart

Surname U

Surname Forename Rank Home Relationship
Urquhart Alexander Private Muir of Ord  
Urquhart Colin Private Munlochy  
Urquhart Donald Trooper Gairloch  
Urquhart Donald R Private Dingwall  
Urquhart George Lieutenant Australia
Urquhart James Private Invergordon  
Urquhart John Corporal Conon  
Urquhart John R Sergeant Aberdeen  

Date of Paper:  27.10.1916
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  Alexander
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Canadians
Home Address:  Balvaird, Muir Of Ord

The above is a portait of 150660 Private Alex. Urquhart, who was killed on September 26th. A son of Mr James Urquhart, crofter, Balvaird, Muir of Ord, Private Urquhart had been several years in Canada, where he held a position in the offices of the local authorities in Winnipeg, and in which town his brother James was serving in the police force until he joined the first Canadian Contingent. Pte Urquhart crossed to Britain about a year ago, and spent a short furlough at Balvaird last New Year. Since then he has been serving on the Western Front.
  Another brother, Corporal William Urquhart, is in the Black Watch and is also overseas at present.

Date of Paper:  31.05.1918
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  Colin
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Seaforth Pioneers
Home Address:  Belmaduthy, Munlochy

Information has reached the mother at Belmaduthy, Munlochy, that 16121 Pte. Colin Urquhart, Seaforth Pioneers, who was reported missing on March 25th is a prisoner of war in Germany. A photograph of Pte. Urquhart appears today. Pte. Urquhart joined up on 28th August, 1916, when he was 19 years. He was a farm servant before the war. At the time of writing he was in a camp at Lemberg.

Date of Paper:  03.12.1915
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  Donald
Rank:  Trooper
Regiment:  2nd Lovat Scouts
Home Address:  Gairloch

We reproduce above a photograph of Trooper Donald Urquhart, 2nd Lovat Scouts, news of whose death was recieved in Gairloch a fortnight ago. The deceased contracted paratyphoid in the Gallipoli Peninsula, and was removed to Alexandria, where he died soon after arrival. Trooper Urquhart was an employee on the Gairloch Estate, and was about 40 years of age. A man of fine physique, of a kind and gentle disposition, he was beloved by all. He went through the South African War with the Lovat Scouts, and soon after the outbreak of the present war he rejoined his old regiment.
A younger brother is serving in the Seaforth Highlanders, while two brothers are at home with whom and his widowed mother much sympathy is felt.

Date of Paper:  11.01.1918
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  Donald Reid
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Hillside Cottage, Wick (formerly Dingwall)

Pte. Donald Reid Urquhart, Seaforths (T.F.), son of Mr Alexander Urquhart, Dingwall, and late of Meikle Findon, was killed in action on November 20. Shot through the head, death was instantaneous. The only son and child of Mr Urquhart, he was 36 years of age, and married. His widow resides at Hillside Cottage, Wick. A gardener to trade, he was employed at The Castle, Dingwall, at Belladrum, Beauly, and latterly in Dumbartonshire. He joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers but transferred to the Seaforths (Morayshires). Well known in Dingwall, he was a frank, affable, kindly young man, and his death is much regretted by his comrades and by many friends.
To his father and widow goes out the deepest sympathy. A photograph appears today.

Date of Paper:  14.01.1916
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  George
Rank:  Lieutenant
Regiment:  Australian Contingent
Home Address:  Queensland, Australia (formerly Maryburgh)

Mr George Urquhart, Queensland, Australia, who joined the Australian Contingent as a private, has been granted a commision in his regiment. Lieutenant Urquhart is a son of the late Mr D. Urquhart, sawmiller, Maryburgh, and of the late Mrs Urquhart, Lawson Cottage, Maryburgh, where his sister, Miss Dolly Urquhart, still resides. Lieutenant Urquhart was at one time a pupil teacher in the Maryburgh Public School, under the late Mr Mackenzie, headmaster. Over 25 years ago he left this country and settled in Queensland, where he took up the profession of stockbroker, and was a member of the firm of of A. MacCallum and Co., sharebrokers and mining agents, Charters Towers. A man of considerable literary ability, he founded and edited the North Queensland Telegraph which he conducted with considerable success. Lieutenant Urquhart was an ardent golfer, and took a leading part in resuscitating the Charters Towers Golf Club, and, previous to his leaving to join his corps, the members of the Club met and entertained him. Many comlimentary remarks were made, most of the speakers stating that while they admired his action in joining the army as a private they regretted it. One of the speakers said he felt resentful that a man of Mr Urquhart's time of life should have to go and rough it as a private, although it showed a fine spirit of sacrifice. Lieutenant Urquhart, in acknowledging the kind words, said he had joined the army of his own accord. He was physically fit, and irrespective of his age, he felt it was his duty to go. He had had a little military training in the old country, having joined when he was about 14 years of age and two inches under height. As regards rifle shooting he did not think he would be far behind the others when he got into the trenches.
Some years ago Lieutenant Urquhart, along with his wife, paid a visit to his native village, where he received a warm welcome.

Date of Paper:  01.06.1917
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  James
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Inverbreakie, Invergordon

There is reproduced today a photo of Pte. James Urquhart, Seaforths, who was severely wounded in the fighting on the Somme on 10th December 1916. He is still suffering from his wounds but is convalescent, and in a Stafford home. Before the war Pte. Urquhart was a farm servant at St Martins, Conon Bridge.
His mother and brother reside at Inverbreakie by Invergordon.

Date of Paper:  31.08.1916
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  John
Rank:  Corporal
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Viewhill, Easter Kinkell, Conon Bridge

2324 Corporal John Urquhart, Seaforths, son of Mr and Mrs John Urquhart, Viewhill, Easter Kinkell, died on 16th August from wounds recieved in France. Corporal Urquhart was 24 years of age, and previous to the war was a mason to trade, and was employed with Mr William Maclean, contractor, Dingwall. In September, 1914, he enlisted at Dingwall and proceeded to the front with his battalion in November of the same year. In March, 1915, he was invalided home with an attack of Measles, and returned to the front in the following May. From that time he was constantly with the battalion until he fell this month.
Corporal Urquhart was one of the best soldiers that ever joined the Seaforth Highlanders. Strong, capable, full of life and vigour, he was a splendid specimen of the sturdy Highlander. True as steel, courteous and obliging, he was the staunchest of friends. With both officers and men he was most popular and there is not a man in his company but regrets and mourns his loss.
A comrade writes: "Iit is hard to believe, for it is only a short time since I saw him in his usual form, cheery and happy. You must feel losing such a brave and dutiful son, but he has given all, and died a noble death, fighting for liberty, and now he rests in a soldier's grave."
Rev. J. Macleod, Chaplain to the Forces, in a letter of sympathy, writes that he officiated at the funeral on 16th August, and that as many of Corporal Urquhart's comrades as could attend were present. "I was with him to the last. He wished me to write you, and to ask you not to worry. He did not suffer much, but it was obvious from the beginning that the end was not far off. In your loss and sorrow I hope it will be some comfort to you to know that your boy, in sacrificing his life for his country and the cause of righteousness and justice, did what all right thinking men should be prepared to do at this critical time. He did what he could. His officers and comrades speak well of him, and all regret his death."
The sympathy of a wide circle of friends goes out to Mr and Mrs Urquhart and family in the loss they have sustained. He was a loving, faithful, and dutiful son.

Date of Paper:  25.01.1918
Surname:  Urquhart
First Name(s):  John R.
Rank:  Sergeant
Regiment:  Royal Army Medical Corps
Home Address:  62, Watson Street, Aberdeen

As briefly announced already, Sergt. John R. Urquhart, R.A.M.C., whose photograph appears today, has been awarded an Italian Decoration for service during the great retreat in which his unit earned great distinction. Sergeant Urquhart, whose wife resides at 62 Watson Street, Aberdeen, is a son of ex Master Gunner Urquhart, R.A., a vetaran who has inspired many a Dingwall boy to deeds of aspiration. Sergt. Urquhart joined up early in the war, and has been on the Italian front for a considerable period. The ambulance had a very trying time. The hospital in which he was engaged was shelled by the enemy, and the patients were evacuated with the greatest difficulty, while everything had to be left behind. The retreat was a terrible ordeal. Provisions and supplies were generally not available, and for three days there was practically nothing to eat, but the ceaseless march went on unbroken. The weather, it will be recalled, was bad. Rain fell in torrents. Everybody and everything was soaked, without the hope of any change of clothes or of drying clothes. Sergeant Urquhart was in charge of the cooking, a duty which he still performs under hard conditions, for winter has fallen heavily, and cooking is done in the open. Sgt Urquhart is well remembered in Dingwall, where he was in business as a jeweller.  His many friends will offer heartiest congratulations.

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