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Sergeant Alexander Oag

Surname O

Surname Forename Rank Home Relationship
Oag Alexander Sergeant Maryburgh  

Date of Paper:  18.02.1916
Surname:  Oag
First Name(s):  Alexander
Rank:  Sergeant
Regiment:  Not stated
Home Address:  Balnain, Maryburgh

Sergt. Alex. Oag, who was a reservist (seven years service) at the outbreak of war, is a native of Aberdeenshire, but has resided for a number of years in Ross-shire. He is well known in the Maryburgh and Conon district, where for six years he was foreman farm servant at Balnain. He has been in France since 1914, and has been through most of the important engagements, which he was fortunate enough to come through without a scratch. He has been twice home on leave to see his wife and his young son, who are resident at Balnain. Sergt. Oag is a capital soldier, and very well liked in his battalion. He is 35 years of age, and was promoted corporal to sergeant very soon after he arrived in France.

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