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Ross-shire Journal Extracts

Unit Administrator Effie Aird

Corporal Hector Aird

Lieutenant Murdoch Aird

Private William R Aird

Lieutenant Ronald Ross Alexander

Private Alexander Allan

Private D Allan

Private George Allan

Sergeant James Allan

Private R Allan

Private David John Allison

Lance-Corporal G A Anderson

Private J Anderson

Private William Anderson

Private T Armour

Surname A

Surname Forename Rank Home Relationship
Aird Effie Unit Admin. Ardross Brother/Sister 1
Aird Hector Corporal Ardross  1
Aird Murdoch Lieutenant Ardross  1
Aird William R Private Ardross  1
Alexander Ronald R Lieutenant Broughty Ferry  
Allan Alexander Private Maryburgh  
Allan D Private Ardross Brother 2
Allan George Private Contin  
Allan James Private Ardross  2
Allan James Sergeant Fortrose  
Allan R Private Ardross  2
Allison David J Private Culbokie  
Anderson G A L/Corporal Sleights, Yorks  
Anderson J Private St Andrews  
Anderson William Private Strathpeffer  
Armour T Private Manchester  

Date of Paper:   06.06.1919
Surnam:   Aird
First Name(s):  Effie
Rank:  Unit Administrator
Regiment:  Q.M.A.A.C.
Home Address:  Glaick, Ardross, Alness

Date of Paper:   06.06.1919
Surname:  Aird
First Name(s):  Hector
Rank:  Corporal
Regiment:  Army Pay Corps
Home Address:   Glaick, Ardross, Alness

Date of Paper:   06.06.1919
Surname:  Aird
First Name(s):  Murdoch
Rank:  Lieutenant
Regiment:  3rd Battalion Royal Scots
Home Address:  Glaick, Ardross, Alness

Date of Paper:  06.06.1919
Surname:  Aird
First Name(s):  William Ross
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Mechanical Transport, A.S.C.
Home Address;  Glaick, Ardross, Alness

Extract from Ross-shire Journal:
Three sons and a daughter of the late Mr Wm. Aird, and Mrs Aird, Glaick, Ardross, Alness, have been on service during the war, and today photographs of each of them are reproduced.
Private Wm. Ross Aird (37), single, joined the Mechanical Transport, A.S.C., in November, 1914. He was sent to France immediately, and has served in that theatre of war continuous to time of writing. He is a specially enlisted man, and does not hold acting rank. Prior to joining the forces he was in the motor engineering trade in Glasgow.
Lieutenant Murdoch Aird (30), single, enlisted as a private in the Lothians and Border Horse in November, 1914. He was promoted sergeant in July, 1915, and went through a special course of musketry training at Strensall in January, 1916, and qualified 1st class instructor. He was transferred to the 1st Battalion Royal Scots in August, 1916 and drafted to Salonica in September of that year where he saw much active service in the Struma valley. A year later he was recommended for commissioned rank, and on returning to this country was sent for training to a Cadet School at Gailles, qualifying in June, 1918, and subsequently being gazetted to the 3rd Battalion Royal Scots stationed at Mullengar, Ireland. He was again drafted to the Eastern theatre of war in September, 1918, and is presently attached to an Indian unit at Cairo. He was apprenticed to the drapery trade with the late Mr Geo. Ingram, High St., Dingwall, on the termination of which he took up an appointment with the well-known Edinburgh retail house, Messrs Patrick Thomson, Ltd.. While in Dingwall he was a member of the local Territorial Coy., and took an active part in their sports and competitions.
Corporal Hector Aird, A.P.C. (25), single, was rejected in November, 1915. He succeeded in enlisting later, but was discharged in February, 1916, after only a fortnightís service. He came again within military requirements in July, 1917, when medical standards - owing to urgency of recruits - were being lowered, and was classified Biii. After being attached to the Black Watch Depot, Perth, for a short time, he was transferred to the Army Pay Corps, Blackheath, London, in August, 1917. On the staff of the Highland Agricultural Co. Ltd., at Invergordon and Inverness from 1912 to 1916, he took up an appointment with Messrs Thomas Biggar & Sons, Dalbeattie, in December, 1916. He is the writer of a pamphlet entitled "Facts and Inconsistencies of the War and Present Problems", to which a generous and appreciative reference has been made in the Northern Press
Miss Effie Aird (38), Unit Administrator, Q.M.A.A.C., presently at Prior Park, Bath, obtained the appointment in September, 1917. She was peculiarly suited to discharge administrative work of this description. For five years she was superintendent of Messrs D.M. Brownís luncheon rooms, Dundee, until 1908, when she took up the management of Messrs Patrick Thomsonís luncheon rooms, Edinburgh, which she successfully carried on until relinquishing the same to take up duties of her commission, which she did voluntarily, and, it may be said, at pecuniary loss to herself. Miss Aird has now been transferred to Avington Park, Manchester.

Date of Paper:  14.12.1917
Surname:   Alexander
First Name(s):  Ronald Ross
Rank:  Lieutenant
Regiment:  R.F.A.
Home Address:  Edwinton, Broughty Ferry

Lieut. Ronald Ross Alexander, R.F.A., who has been awarded the Military Cross, is the surviving son of Mr and Mrs J. H. Alexander, Edwinton, Broughty Ferry. Lieut. Alexander received his commission at the outbreak of war when he was aged 19, and went to France in May He is an old Glasgow Academy boy.
His elder brother, 2/Lieut. Mercer Alexander, Highland Light Infantry, was killed at Thiepval on July 1st, 1916. Lieut. R. R. Alexander is a grandson of the late Mr Ross of the Spa, Strathpeffer.
A photograph of Lieut. Ronald Ross Alexander appears today.

Date of Paper:  20.07.1917
Surname:  Allan
First Name(s):  Alexander.
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Royal Scots Fusiliers
Home Address:  Brae Cottage, Maryburgh

A portrait appears to-day of Private A. Allan, Royal Scots Fusiliers, formerly reported missing and now reported killed in action on 11th April. The information was received by his wife, Mrs Allan, Brae Cottage, Maryburgh, and formerly of 23 Simpson St., Nairn. Before the war Pte. Allan was a coachman in Nairn, to which he belongs, but in this district he is well-remembered as a coachman with Messrs Lunn, Strathpeffer. Deceased was 30 years of age, and Mrs Allan is left with four young children on her hands.
Much sympathy is felt in the district with the bereaved widow and children.

Date of Paper:  15.09.1916
Surname:  Allan
First Name(s):  George
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Kinnahaird Farm, Contin

Private Geo. Allan is the second son of the late Mr John Allan for many years farm grieve at Kinnahaird Farm, Contin, Strathpeffer. Before joining the Seaforths Pte. Allan was also employed in the dairy department at Kinnahaird Farm. He went to France over a year ago, and has recently been admitted to hospital suffering from shell shock. His many friends, however, will be pleased to learn that his widowed mother has received information to the effect that he has rejoined his battalion.

Date of Paper:  10.03.1916
Surname:  Allan
First Name(s):   J.
Rank:  Sergeant
Regiment:  C (Black Isle) Coy., 1/4th Seaforths
Home Address:  Library House, Fortrose

Allan, Sergeant J., 240, C (Black Isle) Coy., killed in action,11th March 1915, son of the late Colour-Sergeant R. Allan, Library House, Fortrose. Survived by mother.

Date of Paper:  06.10.1916
Surname:  Allan
First Name(s):  D.
Rank:   Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Easter Ardross, Alness

Date of Paper:  06.10.1916
Surname:  Allan
First Name(s):  James
Rank:  Sergeant
Regiment :  Seaforths
Home Address:  Easter Ardross, Alness

Date of Paper:  06.10.1916
Surname:  Allan
First Name(s):  R.
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Easter Ardross, Alness

Mr John Allan, Easter Ardross, Alness, gave three sons to the Seaforths and all three have been wounded in action.
1873 Private D. Allan, Seaforths, was badly wounded at Aubers Ridge on 9th May, 1915, and lay on the battlefield all day under fire until brought in after dark by his brother James and H. Macdonald, Alness (who has since been killed). He has had his left foot amputated as the result of his wounds, and is now discharged on pension since 14th Feb., 1916.
556 Private R. Allan, of another Seaforth battalion, was also severely wounded at Aubers Ridge on the same day, and has now been wounded for the second time in the big push on the Somme, and is at present in hospital at Rouen, and is going on well.
1286 Private J. Allan, Seaforths (in the same battalion as Private D. Allan), has also been wounded, but is back again with the battalion. He has only had seven days' leave since he went out with the regiment in Nov. 1914.
Photographs of the three brothers appear in today's paper.

Date of Paper:   01.12.1916
Surname:  Allison
First Name(s):  David John
Rank:   Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Braefindon, Culbokie

Private David John Allison (40081), Seaforths, who died of wounds on 23rd October, was the adopted son of Mr and Mrs D. Allison, Braefindon, Culbokie. Deceased was 19 years at the time of his death. Previous to enlistment at the outbreak of war he was employed as a farm servant with Mr Maclennan, Rootfield, to whom he gave the utmost satisfaction. After enlisting, he was for some time at Bedford, where, after an attack of measles, and his life was almost despaired of, he was passed for home defence, and during his period of training at various camps he qualified in signalling, bomb-throwing, sniping, etc. He could put his hand to any kind of work, and while at Shorncliffe went through a course of carpenter work. He was a most likeable lad, and very popular with his comrades. The deepest sympathy is felt for his foster parents.
Under date 24th October, the nurse in the hospital in France writes: "I am sorry to have to send you the saddest news of your son, Pte. D. J. Allison. He was brought into 2/2 London Casualty Clearing Station last night badly wounded in the abdomen. He was unconscious, and passed away just after he came in. I am sorry to have to send you such distressing news of him."
A comrade writes: "I saw him going up in front of me that day. We were advancing through a ruined village when he got wounded along with some others. I couldnít tell whether he was badly wounded or not, as I had to go ahead. I am certain, however, that everything possible would be done for him, as the stretcher-bearers were there at once. It was a shell that exploded near him that knocked him out. Please accept my sincerest sympathy in your sad loss."
In his last letter home Pte. Allison wrote: "Just a note to let you know I am quite well, hoping you are the same. Well, I have got a good taste of Fritzís shell fire now, and I'm telling you it ís not a treat. I am wondering how I never got hit, for I was buried twice by high explosive shells."

Date of Paper:  21.12.1917
Surname:  Anderson
First Name(s):   G. A.
Rank:  Lance-Corporal
Regiment:  'B' Co., 8th Platoon, Seaforths (Service)
Home Address:  N.E.R. Station, Sleights, Yorks.

There is reproduced to-day a photograph of Lance-Corporal G. A. Anderson, No. 6308, B Co., 8th Platoon, Seaforths (Service), who has been reported missing, and about whom his father, Mr S. Anderson, stationmaster, N. E. R. Station, Sleights, Yorks, is anxious to receive information. On August 22, 1917, the battalion went into action somewhere in France, and a part of the line getting too far forward was cut off. L/Corpl. Anderson was of the party.   Enquiries for more specific particulars have been widely made, so far without result. Readers can communicate direct with the father or through the Editor.

Date of Paper:  25.08.1916
Surname:   Anderson
First Name(s):   J.
Rank:  Private
Regiment::  Seaforths
Home Address:  144 South Street, St Andrews

Mrs J. Anderson, of 144 South Street, St Andrews, would be very pleased to hear from any comrade of Pte. J. Anderson, 9805, C Company, 9th Platoon, Seaforth Highlanders, who has been missing since July 1st 1916.
A photograph of Pte. Anderson appears above

Date of Paper:  30.06.1916
Surname:  Anderson
First Name(s):  William
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  9th Seaforths (Pioneers)
Home Address:  Strathpeffer

Above is a photograph of Private. William Anderson, 9th Seaforths (Pioneers) who was reported wounded and admitted to hospital recently. Pte. Anderson, who is the only son of the late Mr Anderson, forester, Castle Leod, went to France with his battalion over a year ago, during which period he has seen much service. Prior to enlistment he held a good appointment on the Dunrobin Estates, where he was highly esteemed. He is suffering from a gunshot wound to the right arm.
Pte. Anderson is at the Carter Knowle Hospital, Sheffield, and is getting on very well now. He expects to be there for some time. His number is 4778, 9th Seaforths (Pioneers)

Date of Paper:  12.05.1916
Surname:  Armour
First Name(s):  T.
Rank:  Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:  Manchester
Extract from R. J:  No reference made

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