World War 1

World War One Lochbroom  Collage



 Sergeant Alick Macaskill, 9th Seaforths

Lance Corporal Ewen Neil Macdonald, 4th Seaforths.

10/1891 Private Kenneth Macdonald, 5th Wellington Infantry Bn NZEF.

1489 Private Alexander Macgregor, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

Private Duncan Macgregor, Seaforth Highlanders.

16380 Private Angus Mackay, 13th Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

22983 Corporal Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers.

6474 Private Alexander Mackenzie, 5th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

1937 Private Donald Mackenzie, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.  No photograph in existence.

34236 Private Duncan Mackenzie, 10th Scottish Rifles.  No photograph obtainable.

Private James Mackenzie.  No details of Regiment and no photograph.

9272 Sergeant John Mackenzie, 2nd Bn Highland Light Infantry.

8657 Private John Mackenzie, 10th Highland Light Infantry.

201967 Corporal Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

693 Lance Sergeant Kenneth Alexander Mackenzie, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

Lieutenant Kenneth Fitzgerald Mackenzie, 7th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

1372 Sergeant Murdo Mackenzie, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.  No photograph obtainable.

Private Murdo Mackenzie (Badenscallie), 1st Camerons.

Private Murdo Mackenzie (Polglass), Cameron Highlanders.  No photograph obtainable.

Men of Lochbroom 1914-1918

Sergeant Alick Macaskill 

Aged 32.  Only son of Mr Donald Macaskill, late of Leckmelm.  Missing at the battle of the Somme September 1916.

Lance Corporal Ewen Neil Macdonald 

Aged 26.  Ploughman.  Son of Mr William Macdonald, Loggie, Lochbroom.  Enlisted June 1916.  Killed by a bomb 18 August 1916.

Private Kenneth Macdonald 

A shepherd in New Zealand.  Youngest son of Mr Duncan Macdonald, Shepherd, Dundonnell.  Enlisted in NZEF January 1915.  Proceeded to Gallipoli.  Killed in action and buried in a cemetery at Chailak Dere, near the Apex Anzac, 11 November 1915.  His Colonel wrote:  I hope you will be cheered by the knowledge that he died bravely doing his duty for the Empire. 
Private Alexander Macgregor 

Aged 38.  Shepherd.  Son of Mr Alexander Macgregor, Laide, Reiff.  Joined the 4th Seaforths 1912.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Died of pneumonia in a Canadian Hospital in France 18 April 1917.

Private Duncan Macgregor 

Aged 31.  Road Contractor between Garve and Braemore.  Son of Mr Roderick Macgregor, Badcaul.  Joined the Army June 1917.  Died of pneumonia at Sheffield 2 January 1918.  Had one brother serving - Donald Macgregor, Lovat Scouts.

Private Angus Mackay 

Aged 35.  He left a widow and four sons.  Mrs Angus Mackay, lately living at Leckmelm.  Before the War he was employed as a Tailor, and his employer wrote of him as "a most loyal and conscientious worker".  Served for 10 years in the RNR.  Joined the A & S Highlanders November 1915.  Served in France and afterwards in Salonica from June 1916.  Died of malaria in the 48th General Hiospital, Salonika, 9 August 1917.  Had two brothers serving in the RNR.

Corporal Alexander Mackenzie, 22983 

Aged 27.  Son of Mr Alexander Mackenzie, 3 Lots Scoraig, Lochbroom.  Emigrated to America and obtained a post as Steward in a large American liner.  He quickly rose to be Head Steward but, upon the outbreak of war, he made every effort to relinquish this lucrative post at the earliest possible moment.  Joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers March 1916.  Proceeded to France,.  Killed in action in the battle of the Somme 30 July 1916.  Had two brothers serving:  Kenneth Mackenzie, Royal Air Force.  Murdo Mackenzie, Rosyth Naval Base.

Private Alexander Mackenzie, 6474 

Aged 35.  Gardener at Paisley.  Only son of Widow Isabella Mackenzie, Badluachrach, Dundonnell.  Enlisted in 5th Bn Seaforth Highlanders 8 December 1915.  Proceeded to France 31 October 1916.  Killed in action 16 December 1916.

Private Donald Mackenzie, 1937 

Aged 35.  Farm Servant at Newton, Conon.  Son of Mr Alexander Mackenzie, 132 Polglass, Achiltibuie.  Enlisted in the 4th Seaforths 8 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Killed in action at Aubers Ridge 12 May 1915.  Had two brothers serving:  Private Duncan Mackenzie, Seaforths, Killed.  Corporal Thomas Mackenzie, 1st Canadians.  Killed.

Private Duncan Mackenzie, 34236 

Aged 31.  Son of Mr John Mackenzie, Letters, Lochbroom.  Joined the Scottish Rifles May 1916.  Proceeded to France September 1916.  Died of Wounds 24 July 1918.  Buried at Beauzancy.  Had two brothers serving:  Roderick Mackenzie, RNR.  Wounded while serving in the Dardanelles.  John Mackenzie, RNR, who served in an Ammunition Ship.

Private James Mackenzie 

Some readers of these pages may remember one of the white-haired patriarchs of the crofter families of the Big Strath - John Rorie Mackenzie.  He and Kenneth Mackenzie - Buie - were the two stone masons resident at Achlunachan who, up to the year 1885 or thereabouts, built all the stone dykes on the Braemore Estate.
John Rorie Mackenzie had two grandsons who fell int he War:  William Mackenzie - who was brought up at Achlunachan and for many years attended the Lochbroom Sabbath School - is known to have served in the War and tio have died in hospital;  and it is also known that his cousin, James Mackenzie, was killed in action in Gallipoli in May 1915.
Both these lads left Lochbroom about twenty years ago and have no relatives left in the Parish, so that but few particulars are obtainable of the date or place of their death. 

Sergeant John Mackenzie, 9272 

Aged 28.  Eldest son of Captain John Mackenzie, Southend, Letters, Lochbroom.  Enlisted at Greenock 1904.  Upon transfer to Reserve joined the Mercantile Marine.  Mobilized 3 August 1914.  Proceeded to France September 1914.  Killed in action St Julien 21 October 1914.  Had six brothers serving:  Alick Mackenzie, Lovat Scouts;  Edward Mackenzie, Minesweeper;  Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Seaforths;  Murdo Mackenzie, HMT St Edward;  Peter Mackenzie, HMY Nairn:  William Mackenzie, HMS Petroleum.

Private John Mackenzie, 8657 

Aged 30.  Son of Mr John Mackenzie, Scoraig.  Enlisted in the HLI 1914.  Killed in action at Loos 25 September 1915.  
Before the War Private John Mackenzie was employed at the British Aluminium Works, Kinlochleven, for nine years.  A young man of sterling worth he started at the bottom of the ladder, and in a short space of time was appointed a Foreman in the works, a position of trust which he filled with satisfaction to his employers.
Had four brothers serving:  Private Duncan Mackenzie, 9th Seaforths;  Sergeant Finlay Mackenzie, 9th Seaforths;  Corporal James Mackenzie, MT, ASC;  Private Peter Mackenzie, Lovat Scouts.  His father also served as Coast Watcher throughout the War.

Corporal Kenneth Mackenzie, 201967 

Aged 22.  Employed at the Caledonian Hotel, Ullapool.  Son of Mr Simon Mackenzie, Caledonian Buildings, Ullapool.  Joined the 4th Seaforths 1916.  Killed in action near the Roeux Chemical Works, near Arras, on the morning of 23 April 1917.  Had one brother serving:  Corporal William Mackenzie, MM, C de G, 8th Scottish Rifles.

Lance Sergeant Kenneth Alexander Mackenzie, 693

Aged 23.  Tailor.  Son of Mr Murdo Mackenzie, Pulteney Street, Ullapool.  Enlisted in the 4th Seaforths 1908.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Killed in action at Neuve Chapelle 11 March 1915.  Had one brother serving:  William Mackenzie, 4th Seaforths.

 Lieutenant Kenneth Fitzgerald Mackenzie 

Aged 25.  Son of Mr John Mackenzie and grandson of the late Mr Kenneth Mackenzie, Missionary, whose family for many generations had lived at Leckmelm.  An Insurance Broker.  Joined the 1st Bn London Scottish 1910.  Proceeded to France September 1914.  Invalided home, suffering from Trench Feet, December 1914.  Gazetted Lieutenant 7th Bn Seaforths.  Returned to France 28 September 1915.  Attached to MGC.  Killed in action at Delville Wood 14 July 1916.  Buried in an Orchard. 

Sergeant Murdo Mackenzie, 1372 

Profession - a School Teacher.  Son of Mr Donald Mackenzie, Ardmair, Ullapool.  Joined the 4th Seaforths 1911.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Wounded at Neuve Chapelle March 1915.  Returned to France May 1915.   Died of Pneumonia in the Old Trafford Hospital, Manchester, 22 July 1917.

Private Murdo Mackenzie 

Son of Mr Hector Mackenzie, Badenscallie, Achiltibuie.  Was three times wounded.  Killed at Hulluch 13 October 1916.  Had one brother serving in the Royal Navy.
Private Murdo Mackenzie 

Son of Mr Alexander Mackenzie, 132 Polglass, Achiltibuie.  Killed in action about November 1917.  Had two brothers serving:  Private Donald Mackenzie, 4th Seaforths (Killed);  Corporal Thomas Mackenzie, 1st Canadians (Killed).

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