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World War One Lochbroom  Collage


40128 Private Donald Cameron, 7th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders

5/25920 Private Kenneth Cameron, 2nd Bn The Seaforth Highlanders

1766 Private Peter Cameron, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders

Private Roderick Thompson Cameron, 5th Bn Lochiel's Cameron Highlanders.

2461 Private Colin Charles Campbell, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

203244 Private Donald Campbell (Ardcharnich), 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

204530 Private Donald Campbell (Polglass), 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders.

4072 Private Duncan Campbell, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders

5409 Private Hugh Macdonald Campbell, 6th Dragoon Guards.

Private John Campbell, 13th Bn Australian Imperial Force.

765 Lance-Corporal Murdo Campbell, 4th Bn Seaforths.

40668 Private Murdo Duncan Campbell, 8th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders - no photograph available.

24795 Private Neil Campbell, Seaforths.

Captain Alan A Fowler, Cameron Highlanders

Captain Sir John E Fowler, Bart., Seaforth Highlanders

Captain Andrew Knowles Fraser, MC, 4th Bn The Seaforth Highlanders

Corporal Murdo Laing, 4th Cameron Highlanders

Men of Lochbroom 1914-1918

Private Donald Cameron, 40128 

Aged 19. A Tailor with Mr Murdo Mackenzie, Ullapool.  Only son of Mr John Cameron, Pulteney Street, Ullapool.  Joined the Territorials July 1914.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 29 July 1916.  Killed in action near Arras 8 April 1917.  Buried in the Cenetery at Duisans.

Extract from letter written by Mr John Cameron, late Headmaster of the Ullapool HGPS:
Donald was a particularly nice lad, quiet, gentle, and very attractive in his manner, with a strong reserve of that moral fibre that unfolds itself in excellence of character and truly manly courage. 

Private Kenneth Cameron, 5/25920 

Aged 18.  Tailor in the employment of Mr Kenneth Ross, Ullapool.  Grandson of Mr Peter Cameron, 11 Pulteney Street, Ullapool.  Joined the 2nd Bn Seaforth Highlanders 1917.  Killed in action 28 March 1918.

Private Peter Cameron, 1766

Aged 23.  Joiner.  Son of Mr Daniel Cameron, Freeburn Hotel, Tomatin, late of The Hotel, Dundonnell.  Joined the 4th Seaforths in the Spring 1914.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Died of wounds received in action at Arras 9 April 1917.  Buried in the Cemetery at Roclincourt.  Had one brother serving, John Cameron, RASC.

Private Roderick Thompson Cameron 

Aged 34.  Second son of Mr John Cameron (late Headmaster of the Ullapool HGPS), 29 Hartington Place, Edinburgh.  Profession - an Engineer in Glasgow.  Enlisted in the 5th Bn Lochiel's Cameron Highlanders September 1914.  Proceeded to France May 1915.  Slightly wounded Summer 1915.  Killed in action at Loos, and no further details were procurable, 26 September 1915.
Private Colin Charles Campbell, 2461 

Aged 23.  Ship's Carpenter in Glasgow.  Son of the late Mr Alexander Campbell, Market Street, Ullapool.  Enlisted in the 4th Seaforths 18 November 1914.  Proceeded to France with the first draft February 1915.  Killed in action at Neuve Chapelle.

Private Donald Campbell 203244 

Aged 22.  Ploughman.  Son of Mr Alexander Campbell, Ardcharnich, Lochbroom.  Joined the 4th Seaforths November 1916.  Wounded October 1917.  Wounded and missing somewhere about Arras 21 March 1918.  No further particulars were available.  Had three brothers serving - Hugh Campbell, 4th Seaforths;  Murdo Duncan Campbell, 8th Seaforths (Killed);  Thomas Campbell, 7th Seaforths (Wounded).

Private Donald Campbell 204530 

Aged 22.  Son of Mr Kenneth Campbell, Polglass, Achiltibuie.  Joined the 4th Seaforths June 1917.  Killed in action near Arras 2 April 1918.  Had one brother serving - Murdo Campbell, Seaforths.

Private Duncan Cempbell 4072 

Aged 29.  Son of Mr Duncan Campbell, Achininver, Achiltibuie.  Joined the Lovat Scouts 22 March 1910.  Transferred to the Seaforth Highlanders.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Was taken ill while serving at Linton, near Cambridge, and died 8 December 1916.  Had two brothers serving - Private Kenneth Campbell, Lovat Scouts, and Donald Campbell, RNR, who served in Minesweepers and was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland.

Private Hugh Macdonald Campbell 5409 

Aged 26.  Son of Mr William Campbell, Nairn.  Enlisted in the 6th Dragoons 1906.  Upon transfer to Reserve became a postman in Ullapool.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Attached 1st Life Guards.  Killed in action 30 October 1914.  He left a widow and one son.  Had three brothers serving - Donald Campbell (Killed), Thomas Campbell, Evan Campbell.

Private John Campbell 

Aged 33.  Son of the late Mr Murdo Campbell, Achabhraigh, Achiltibuie.  Private Campbell must have joined the Army in Australia early in the War, but no record of his service is obtainable.  Wounded and admitted to No. 17 General Hospital, Alexandria, suffering from severe gunshot wounds 8 July 1915.  Died of wounds 20 July 1915.

Lance-Corporal Murdo Campbell 765 

Aged 29.  Crofter, Achiltibuie.  Son of Mr Alexander Campbell, Polglass, Achiltibuie.  Enlisted in the 4th Seaforths February 1914.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Died of Pneumonia in Hospital at Boulogne and buried at Wimereux.

Private Murdo Duncan Campbell 40668 

Aged 22.  Son of Mr Alexander Campbell, Ardcharnich, Lochbroom.  Joined 2/3rd Lovat Scouts August 1915.  Proceeded to France with 1st Camerons.  Transferred to 8th Seaforths.  Killed in action near to Arras 27 April 1917.  Had three brothers serving - Hugh Campbell, 4th Seaforths;  Donald Campbell, 4th Seaforths (Wounded October 1917.  Wounded and missing March 1918);  Thomas Campbell, 7th Seaforths (Wounded). 

Private Neil Campbell 24795 

Aged 19.  Only son of Mr Alexander Campbell, West Achiltibuie.  Joined the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders at Cambusbarron 3 September 1917.  Was transferred to the Seaforths at Cromarty March 1918.  Proceeded to France 18 April 1918.  Wounded 27 July 1918.  Died at Epernay in the Casualty Clearing Station 30 July 1918.

Captain Alan A Fowler 

Aged 27.  Younger son of the late Sir John Arthur Fowler,. Bart. of Braemore, Ross-shire, and of Alice Janet Clive, daughter of the late Sir Edward Clive Bayley, KCSI, and grandson of Sir John Fowler, engineer of the Forth Bridge.  His only brother, Captain Sir John E Fowler, Bart. (OH), Seaforth Highlanders was killed in action on 22 June 1915.  RMC, Sandhurst. 

Married, in 1912, Alice Mary, youngest daughter of Sir Charles Bayley, CGIE, Lieutenant- Governor of Bihar and Orissa, and an old member of Rendalls, and leaves one daughter.

Captain Alan Fowler received his Commission in 1907, joining his Battalion in South Africa and accompanying it to China and India.  He returned to England in November 1914 and three weeks afterwards left with his Regiment for France.  At this time he acted as Transport Officer and was afterwards on the staff of his Brigadier.  By the middle of April a greater portion of his brother officers had been killed, wounded, or invalided home, and when his Battalion was sent to the relief of other troops on Hill 60, he was in command of B Company, which occupied the front trench on the lip of a huge crater forty feet deep, formed by the explosion of a mine.

It was on 28 April 1915, the last day that the Battalion was occupying these trenches, that he, his Subaltern, and several men were killed by the same shell, a minenwerfer bomb.  So long as the Camerons held it, the Germans gained no footing on Hill 60.

Brigadier-General Macfarlane, commanding 81st Brigade, writes:  He was a first-rate soldier and a dear good fellow, for whom I had a great regard, and I always wished I had him on my Staff.  He will be dreadfully missed, both in his Regiment and in the Brigade.

Colonel John Campbell, commanding 2nd Camerons, writes:  He died a soldier's death about 12 noon today, when holding a trench in a difficult and important position.  I cannot speak too highly of the truly gallant way in which he has behaved and kept his men together and cheerful.

A brother-officer writes:  During the week on Hill 60 he was never once depressed, though all of them, and his Company in particular, were having a very rough time.

Captain Sir John E Fowler, Bart. 

Aged 30.  Elder brother of Captain Alan Fowler, whose record appears above, and eldest son of Sir John Arthur Fowler, Bart. of Braemore, Ross-shire, North Britain, whom he succeeded as third baronet in 1899.  Educated at Harrow and RMC, Sandhurst, 1903.

Captain Sir John Fowler joined the 2nd Seaforths in 1904;  for three years he acted as Assistant Adjutant and as Officer in charge of the Brigade machine guns.  He held a Commission in the Royal Company of Archers and acted as Aide-de-Camp to the Lord High Commissioner of the Church of Scotland at Holyrood in 1907 and 1908.  At the outbreak of the War he was seconded as Adjutant of the 4th Battalion, the first Highland Territorial Battalion selected for service in France.  After two months' training at Bedford they went to the Front in November 1914, taking part in an engagement at Festubert in the following month, and in the battles of Neuve Chapelle and Aubers Ridge.  Captain Fowler was killed in the trenches on 22 June 1915, near Richebourg l'AvouĂ©.  He was mentioned in Sir John French's Despatch of November 1914 "for gallant and distinguished conduct in the field".

Brigadier-General Ross, CB, wrote:  He was one of the very best young Officers I have ever met, and an example to all others.  It was mainly due to his wonderful influence that the Battalion did so well. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Cuthbert, CMG, DSO, Commanding 4th Seaforths, wrote:  He lived a soldier's life, ever ready to do his duty, and one always knew how well that duty would be done.  He gave us all confidence - confidence that otherwise we could never have had.  He has died a soldier's death and we are the poorer by a very gallant gentleman and capable Officer. 

Sergeant-Major, later Lieutenant, Glass wrote:  He was the guide, adviser, and helpmate of every individual in the Battalion, and we miss him terribly.  Defeat could not have shaken us more. 

Captain Andrew Knowles Fraser, MC 

Aged 25.  Eldest son of Major Fraser, CMG, Leckmelm.  Grandson of the late Captain John Fraser of Balnain and Farraline.

Elected Scholar of Winchester College 1906.  Gained an Open Scholarship for Christ Church, Oxford, 1911.  Enlisted in the 4th Seaforths 3 August 1914.  Mobilized 4 August 1914.  Received a Commission 2 September 1914.  Proceeded to France 5 November 1914.  Twice wounded at the Chemical Works, Roeux, where he was in Command of No 3 Company, 23 April 1917.  For his services that day received the MC.  Returned to France October 1917.  Killed in action at Fontaine Notre Dame while fighting a rearguard action 22 November 1917.  Had his father and two brothers serving:  Major James Fraser, CMG, 4th Seaforths.   Three times mention in despatches.  Lieut John Fraser, RN, HMS Lance, and later in command of a submarine.  Wounded.  Captain Simon K Fraser, MC, 9th Seaforths.  Wounded. 

Corporal Murdo Laing, 4th Cameron Highlanders 

Aged 34.  Draper.  Son of Mr Thomas Laing who resided on, and was connected with, Inverbroom Farm for some 25 years.  Killed at Arras 28 February 1918.

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