World War 1

World War One Lochbroom  Collage

Men of Lochbroom 1914-1918

List of the Fallen

NB:  Where surnames have been listed as 'Mc' they have been changed to 'Mac' for ease of identification. 

Surname Forename Rank Home Relationship
Cameron Donald Private Ullapool  
Cameron Kenneth Private Ullapool  
Cameron Peter Private Dundonnell  
Cameron Roderick T Private ex-Ullapool  
Campbell Colin C Private Ullapool  
Campbell Donald Private Ardcharnich Brothers 1
Campbell Donald Private Polglass  
Campbell Duncan Private Achiltibuie  
Campbell Hugh M Private Ullapool  
Campbell John Private Achiltibuie  
Campbell Murdo L/Corporal Polglass  
Campbell Murdo Private Ardcharnich Brothers 1
Campbell Neil Private Achiltibuie  
Fowler Alan Captain  Braemore Brothers 2
Fowler John Captain (Sir) Braemore Brothers 2
Fraser Andrew K Captain Leckmelm  
Gilmour * Alan Lieutenant    
Laing Murdo Corporal Inverbroom  
Macaskill Alick Sergeant Leckmelm  
Macdonald Ewen N L/Corporal Loggie  
Macdonald Kenneth Private Dundonnell  
Macgregor Alexander Private Reiff  
Macgregor Duncan Private Badcaul  
Mackay Angus Private Leckmelm  
Mackenzie Alexander Corporal Scoraig  
Mackenzie Alexander Private Badluachrach  
Mackenzie Donald Private Polglass Brothers 3
Mackenzie Duncan Private Letters  
Mackenzie James Private ex-Lochbroom Cousins 1
Mackenzie John Sergeant Letters  
Mackenzie John Private Scoraig  
Mackenzie Kenneth Corporal Ullapool  
Mackenzie Kenneth A L/Sergeant Ullapool  
Mackenzie Kenneth F Lieutenant Leckmelm  
Mackenzie Murdo Sergeant Ardmair  
Mackenzie Murdo Private Badenscallie  
Mackenzie Murdo Private Polglass Brothers 3
Mackenzie Norman D Trooper Dundonnell  
Mackenzie Peter L/Corporal Scoraig  
Mackenzie Roderick Private Ullapool  
Mackenzie Simon Lieutenant Achiltibuie  
Mackenzie Simon Gunner Letters  
Mackenzie Simon Private Badluachrach  
Mackenzie Thomas Corporal Polglass Brothers 3
Mackenzie William Private Achlunachan Cousins 1
Mackenzie William Seaman Ardindrean  
Maclean Alexander Gunner Ullapool  
Maclean Alexander Private Ullapool Brothers 4
Maclean Donald Private Leckmelm Brothers 5
Maclean George Private Achiltibuie  
Maclean John Private Badentarbet  
Maclean Murdo Gunner Achiltibuie Brothers 6
Maclean Norman Private Achiltibuie Brothers 6
Maclean Roderick L/Corporal Leckmelm Brothers 5
Maclean Roderick Private Ullapool  
Maclean Roderick Private Ullapool Brothers 4
Macleay Donald Gunner Letters  
Maclennan Angus Private Badluachrach  
Maclennan Kenneth Stoker Ullapool  
Macleod Alexander Sergeant Achiltibuie  
Macleod Archibald Gunner Polbain  
Macleod Donald Private Ardmair  
Macleod George Sapper Polbain  
Macleod Hugh Private Achlochan  
Macleod Hugh Private Reiff  
Macleod Kenneth Seaman Ardindrean  
Macleod Neil L/Corporal Achiltibuie  
Macleod Norman Sergeant ex-Achiltibuie  
Macleod Roderick Private Leckmelm  
Macleod Roderick Private Reiff  
Macleod Simon Seaman Achiltibuie  
Macmillan Robert A C Lieutenant Ullapool  
Macrae Alexander Private Loggie  
Macrae Ewen Gunner Loggie  
Macrae Kenneth Private Ullapool  
Macswan Donald L/Corporal Badcaul  
Matheson Roderick Private Ullapool  
Morrison Norman Private Leckmelm  
Mundell William G R Sergeant Inverlael  
Ross Donald Sapper Dundonnell  
Ross Roderick Private Reiff  
Shaw Angus Private Loggie  
Speed James Private Dundonnell  
Stewart James Private Achiltibuie  
Stewart John B L/Corporal Ullapool  
Stewart Kenneth Private Polglass  
Sutherland Thomas Sergeant Ullapool  
Sutherland William Gunner Inverbroom  

* Although Lieutenant Alan Gilmour is listed in the book there neither photograph nor details.

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