Resolis War Memorial

Resolis War Memorial

Resolis War Memorial looking west.

Resolis War Memorial

In grateful remembrance of those belonging to the Parish of Resolis who gave their lives in the cause of freedom and right in the Great War 1914-1918.

Sergt  J.Smith.
Sergt. H. Ross.
Cpl  W. Smith.
L. Cpl  J. Young.
Pte  K. McKay.
Pte  C McCormick

Anzacs and Camerons
Pte  D. McLennan
Pte  W. Matheson
Major  K. Cameron, M.C. - Camerons
Pte  W. Fraser - Camerons

Canadians and Other Regts
Lieut.  W.F. Ferrier.
Sergt.  W. Clark.
Pte  W. McDonald
Pte  G. McKay
Capt.  J.H. Matheson M.C. Gordons
Cpl.  J. Munro, Lovat Scouts.
L.Cpl  M. McDonald, M.T.A.S.G.
Cpl.  A. Milne. R.E.
Gn  J. Biddie. R.C.A.
Gn  H.R.W. Grigor. R.M.E. 

They were a wall around us by day and by night.

Also in memory of those who fell in the 1939-1945 War

Sergt John M. Macdonald
L.Cpl John U. Craigen
L.Cpl Evan M. Finlay
L,Cpl Alexander F. Thomson
Pte Donald J. A. Matheson
Pte Murdo Macrae

Sergt Alexander Grant

12th Frontier Force
Capt Alexander M. Craigen.
Pte Robert MacDonald G.S.C.

A.B. Christopher M. Swanson. R.N.

F/Sergt  Donald U.Cameron
Sergt Roderick G. Mackenzie
Cpl Donald Macarthur Fraser

The Souls of the Righteous are in the Hand of God.

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