Fodderty (Strathpeffer) War Memorial

Fodderty War Memorial

Over main gate -

To the glory of God.
In remembrance 1914-1918.
Pro patria, pro rege.
Highland memory is long for Highland love is strong.

On gates -

In piam memoriam 1918 - Freedom - Peace - In piam memoriam 1918.

Inside right gatepost.

Inside the main gate.

Within the left gateway.

Within the right gateway.

Looking south.

Looking north to the Heights of Fodderty.

The photos appearing below show the gates in October 2018 following refurbishment.  [All photos RCHS.]

Right side pedestrian gate.

Left side pedestrian gate.

Main gate, right side.

Main gate, left side.

The entire gate.

Fodderty (Strathpeffer) War Memorial

War Memorial To Men Of Strathpeffer and District
Dedicated Armistice Day 11th November 1933

Memorial Gates Opened By Ex-Servicemen Representing Comrades
David Macintosh, Farmer, Millnain
Donald Mackenzie, Crofter, Knockfarrel

Name Tablets Unveiled By Parents Representing Relatives
Alexander Macleod, Shepherd, Duran
Donald Macrae, Carpenter, Strathpeffer

"Mors Janua Vitae"

Inside the main gate:

Tìr mo chridhe an cèol bu bhinne thigibh dhachaidh gu bràth buaidh leis an laimh a cheanglas an teud briste. Is feàrr dùthchas na gach nì an àm cruadail aithnichear na gaisgich. Sliochd fineachan uasal a ghin o na tuathaich sheas iad an dùthaich anns gach cùis is càs. Fir nach do chuir cùl ri caraid no ri nàmhaid toiseach teachd is deireadh falbh Fir nach do reic is nach do cheannaich a chòir is buainne bladh na saoghal. Fìrinn 'nan neart 'nan làmhaibh coimhlionadh 'nan teangaibh. Is cian bhios iomradh air a ghaisgeach an tùs catha b'fheàrr na ceud. Chlann nan Gaidheal chlann nan gaisgeach leanaibh dlùth ri bhur cliù is bhur n-eachdraidh. Beul a labhras ach gniomh a dhearbhas tha an uaisle mar a chumar i. Cha do shir is cha do sheachainn iad an cath cha do thill ach an cliù mairidh an cuimhne.

Land of my heart the sweetest music come home forever success to the hand that binds the broken string. Heredity is better than all things in time of hardship the heroes are recognised. Offspring of the noble clans who were bred from the country folk they stood for their country in every cause and hardship. Men who did not turn their back on friend or foe first to come and last to go. Men who did not sell or buy justice renown is more lasting than life. Truth in their hearts strength in their hands fulfilment in their speech. Long will there be no mention of the hero at the beginning of battle better than a hundred. Children of the Gael children of the heroes closely adhere to your renown and your history. The mouth utters but actions is maintained. They did not seek nor avoid the battle only their honour returned. Their memory will last.

Cha Do Shir Is Cha Do Sheachainn Iad An Cath

In Honour Of Those Who Served.  In Sympathy With Those Who Suffered And In Fadeless Memory of These Departed Who At Duty's High Command Undismayed And Noble Hearted Died For Home And Native Land.


Within The Left Gateway
Alistair Asher  Driv  MT Royal ASC
Lachlan Bain  Sgt Maj  2nd Seaforths
David Bryden  Pte  Scots Guards
Duncan J Cameron  Cpl  68th Royal Engineers
Kenneth Cameron  Pte  2nd Seaforths
Alexander Cameron  Pte  6th Seaforths
Simon McKay Campbell  Pte  7th Seaforths
Sweeton Campbell  Pte  8th Canadians  [also mentioned on Dingwall War Memorial]
J Mackenzie Campbell  Cpl  5th Camerons
Roderick R Clunas  Pte  4th Seaforths
Walter Corbett  Cpl  4th Seaforths
John Corbett  LCpl  4th Camerons
Charles Dempster  Gunner  RHA
John Dempster  Pte  Royal Scots Greys
Hugh Dewar  Sgt  1st Camerons
John Dewar  Pte  Highd Lt Infy
Alexander Innes  Pte  Gordons
James Kemp  Pte  4th Seaforths
Alistair MacAndrew  Lieut  1st Black Watch
John McCaskill  Pte  Inniskillin Fusiliers
James MacDonald MM  Sgt  4th Seaforths
John MacDonald  Pte  4th Seaforths
Kenneth D MacDonald  Pte  4th Seaforths
Duncan Mackintosh  Pte  4th Seaforths
Finlay MacIver  Pte  4th Seaforths

We Do Not Number Them Among The Dead. They Rest On Many Fields Where Valour Bled Serving The Right.

Cha Do Thill Ach An Cllir 

Within the Right Gateway
Donald Mackay  Pte  7th Seaforths
John R Mackenzie  Lieut  21st Canadians
Kenneth Mackenzie  Pte  4th Seaforths
Archibald Mackenzie  LCpl  9th Seaforths
Thompson Mackenzie  Air Mech  Royal Air Force
Angus Macleod  LCpl  3rd Canadian MGC
David Macleod  LCpl  4th Seaforths
Kenneth J Macleod  Pte  7th Seaforths
Norman Macleod  Pte  Machine Gun Corps
Angus Macleod  Pte  12th Australian EF
Christopher Macrae  Pte  Northamptons
George D Macrae  Lieut  4th Machine Gun Corps
Peter Macrae  Pte  Canadian Infantry
Alexander Matheson  Lieut  3rd Canadian MGC
William Matheson  Pte  28th Canadians
Robert Munro  LCpl  4th Seaforths
Peter Murray  Pte  RAMC
William Murray  Pte  NCC
Ian Ross  Captain  4th King's Liverpool Regmt
George Ross MM  Cpl  84th Royal Engineers
Peter Smith  Pte  F Amb Highd Mtd Brigade
James John Souter  Chief Engr  Merchant Service
Duncan Stewart  Piper  2nd Black Watch
William Sutherland  Sgt  4th Seaforths
Adam Sutherland  Pte  4th Seaforths
Andrew Tolmie  Pte  Highd Lt Infy
John Binning Walker  Pte  1st Canadian Res Batt


Mairidh An Cuimhne

In The Flower Of Their Youth They Marched Forth To Battle, Brave In Heart, Dauntless In Spirit, And Fell, That We Might March Onward To The Fulfilment Of God's Eternal Purpose.

Robert I R M Aird  A/C  Royal Air Force
Finlay D Campbell  Marine  R M Commandos
William J Dempster  Pte  4th Seaforth Hrs
Thomas D M Macdonald  Lt  HMS Courageous
Donald MacKay  Pte  4th Seaforth Hrs
Hugh Smith  Pte  4th Seaforth Hrs

Theirs The Glory, Ours The Gain.

In 2018, as the centenary of the ending of the First World War approached, the Fodderty War Memorial situated at the entrance to Fodderty Cemetery, was refurbished as part of a Highland Council project to restore war memorials across the region. 

L-r:  Councillor Margaret Paterson, Alf Leslie, Councillor Angela Maclean.  [Photo courtesy of the Editor of the Ross-shire Journal.]

The memorial was designed and made by A Marshall Mackenzie & Son and by Donald Matheson, a Scottish architect responsible for various projects through the UK, including Australia House in London.  An inscription on the memorial reveals that it was erected in memory of "the men of Strathpeffer and District" and dedicated on Armistice Day 1933.

Over the years the metal gates had deteriorated and were in poor condition.  The in-house council project, using funds from the Scottish Government and the skills of local craftsmen from Black Isle Bronze in Nairn, James Evans & Sons in Dingwall,  and John Hood & Son in Dingwall;  has now resulted in the complete restoration of the memorial, under the direction of the council's war memorial project co-ordinator, Alf Leslie.

The work included restoration of the lettering, scroll work, the stonework surrounding the gates, and painting of the gates, following removal of the old coating then cleaning and repairing the metalwork.
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