Cromarty War Memorial

Cromarty War Memorial

1914 - 1918
In Memory Of The Men Of This Parish Who Gave Their Lives For Their Country

View from the Memorial looking east.

Cromarty War Memorial


Archibald Bain               Walter B. Maclean
Norman Bain                  Duncan Macleod
John Cameron              John Macleod
John A. Campbell         James Macleman
Robert F. Copland        Robert W. Macleman
James Farquhar           Alexander Macrae
Donald Finlayson         Hugh MacTavish
Donald Finlayson         John MacTavish
Robert Finlayson          John Reid
Daniel Fraser                Andrew Ross
George Hogg                James D. Shepherd
James Hogg                  Hugh Skinner
Robert Hogg                 James Skinner
Alexander Hossack     William Skinner
James Hossack            James D. Smith
Thomas Hossack         Donald Thomson
George Innes               Andrew Watson
William Macdonald     John Watson
James R. C. Mackay   John N. Watson
Colin Mackenzie         Thomas Watson
Kenneth Mackenzie    William Watson
Donald M. Mackenzie The Hon. Peter R.H.D.  Willoughby         
Norman Maclean



James S. Clements       James A.D. Guise
Thomas Dingwall           James Hossack
Thomas J. Ferguson      Ernest G. Jack
James Finlayson            James A. Jack
David Gilmour                 Walter E.D.Johnstone
Allan Grant                      John Macdonald
James H. Grant              John Maclean

  Alistair R. Macleod
  Murdo Macrare
  Alexander R. Patience
  Alexander Pringle
  James Scott
  William Scott
  Alexander Shepherd

  Douglas Shepherd         Andrew Watson
  Alexander Skinner          Charles Watson
  Ernest Southall                David Watson
  Alexander Thomson       James S. Watson
  Victor Urquhart                Robert Watson
  Alexander Watson          William Watson
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