Ardross War Memorial

Ardross War Memorial within Ardross Parish Church.

Ardross War Memorial



Left Hand Side  

Royal Naval Reserve
Seaman John Mackay  

Royal Field Artillery
278811 Gunner James F. Minty 36th Battery 

Royal Scots Fusiliers
40569 Private   John Macdonald   2nd Battalion
40019 L/Cpl   Malcolm Maclean   12th Battalion

Highland Light Infantry
27705 Sgt David Macleod 16th Battalion

Seaforth Highlanders
S 40234 Cpl  John M. Munro  2nd Battalion
201919 L/Cpl George Munro  2nd Battalion
7611 Private Roderick Matheson 2nd Battalion
1900 Sgt Neil Kennedy 4th Battalion
1734 L/Cpl James Beale 4th Battalion
202011 Private Peter Robertson 4th Battalion

Right Hand Side 

Seaforth Highlanders
1393 Private   Colin Bain 4th Battalion
6488 Private   Colin Mackellar  4th Battalion
1735 Private   Thomas Macleod  4th Battalion
1810 L/Cpl   Hugh Ross  4th Battalion
1862 Private  Hugh Ross  4th Battalion
6608 Private  Donald Henderson  5th Battalion
242186 Private  Thomas J. Ferguson  5th Battalion
266320 Private  James Mackenzie  6th Battalion
40395 Private  William Macbean  7th Battalion
Gordon Highlanders
22251 Private  Donald Macghee  5th Battalion
30445 Private  Alexander R M Stevenson  5th Battalion
Australian Imperial Force
1389 Private  George Morrison  14th Battalion
New Zealand Expeditionary Force
8/1032 Private  Donald Stewart  1st Ost Battalion

Who from the Estate of Ardross gave their Lives for Freedom, Honour and God in the Great War 1914 - 1918

Their Memory Shineth Ever Like A Star
Above The Empire Which They Died To Save
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