World War Two Collage

World War 2:  White - Wright

Surname  Forename(s) Rank Home Relationship
White Alexander Private Dingwall Father/Sons
White Henry Seaman Dingwall Father/Sons
White Peter G L/Corporal Fortrose  
White William Seaman Dingwall Father/Sons
Wilkie John M Staff Sgt Major Avoch  
Williamson Alexander Private Avoch Brothers
Williamson Alexander Private Dingwall  
Williamson J D Private Avoch Brothers
Williamson William Sapper Dingwall  
Williamson William Private Tain  
Wills David ? Dingwall Brothers 1
Wills Harold E F Seaman Dingwall Brothers 1
Wills Michael H Captain ?  
Wilson Alexander Private Dingwall Brothers 2
Wilson Alexander Private Nigg  
Wilson Alistair Private Edderton  
Wilson Charles Gunner Invergordon Brothers 3
Wilson Gordon ? Invergordon Brothers 3
Wilson James Drummer Dingwall Brothers 2
Wilson Marriott Lieutenant Canada  
Wilson Neil Private Fortrose  
Wilson Robert ? Dingwall Brothers 2
Wilson William LAC Invergordon Brothers 3
Winchester Alexander Gunner Invergordon  
Wright James Flt Lieutenant New Zealand  


Date of Paper:   19.01.1940, 05.07.1940, 02.01.1942, 12.03.1943
Surname:   White
Forename(s):   Alexander, Henry and William
Rank:   Private / Seaman / Seaman
Regiment:  Seaforth Highlanders / Royal Navy/ Merchant Navy
Home Address:   Victoria Place, Dingwall

Mrs White, Victoria Place, Dingwall, on Wednesday night received official information that her husband, William White, was reported missing and presumed drowned at sea. He was a member of the Mercantile Marine and was employed on an oil tanker, which has been sunk.

Mr White was an Englishman who had spent a considerable number of years in Ross-shire. In the last war he was in the Navy and took part in several important engagements. Subsequently he came North and for a time was employed in the Munlochy district. Another appointment he held was as caretaker to the Ross Memorial Hospital, Dingwall. Later he carried on business in Dingwall as a chimney sweep.

But the call of the sea was in his blood and for a period he served as a seaman on a vessel belonging to Messrs Laird, Gammell and Co., Ltd., shipowners.

Seaman White was a man of keen intelligence and very popular with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

To Mrs White and her two sons and one daughter much sympathy is extended. The elder son is at present serving with the 4th Seaforth Highlanders "somewhere in England".

[05.07.1940]  Pte. Alex. White, The Seaforths, son of Mrs White, Victoria Place, Dingwall, has been reported missing. Prior to joining up he was employed with the Shell-Mex Company, Dingwall. Early in the war his father lost his life when the oil tanker on which he was an engineer was torpedoed. A brother is in the Navy.

[02.01.1942] MUCH BEREAVED FAMILY - Mrs White, Victoria Place, Dingwall, has received official information from the Admiralty that her son, Seaman Henry White, RN, is reported missing at sea. Much sympathy will be extended to Mrs White, who also lost her husband in the present war, while another son is reported missing. The father, Mr William White, was employed as an engineer on an oil tanker, and was reported missing, presumed drowned, at sea in January 1940. Pte. Alexander White, the elder son, was serving with a Seaforth battalion and was reported missing in July 1940. Prior to the war Alexander was employed with the Shell-Mex Company, Dingwall. Seaman Henry White joined the Royal Navy as a boy and at one time was in training with Seaman Hunter Wills, son of Mr and Mrs Harold Wills, Gladstone Avenue, Dingwall, who paid the supreme sacrifice while serving on one of His Majesty's ships.

[12.03.1943] KILLED IN ACTION - Mrs White, Victoria Place, Dingwall, has received official information that her son, Pte. Alexander White, The Seaforths, reported missing at St Valery in June 1940, is now reported killed in action on 4th June, 1940. Prior to enlisting, Pte. White was employed by the Shell-Mex Company, Dingwall. Much sympathy is extended to Mrs White, who has lost her husband and both her sons in the present war. Mr William White, the father of the family, early in the war volunteered for duty as an engineer on an oil tanker. In January 1940 he was reported missing at sea and presumed drowned. The younger son, Seaman Henry White, Royal Navy, was reported missing at sea on 2nd January, 1942. Seaman White joined the Navy as a boy, and at one time was in training with Seaman Hunter Wills, son of Mr and Mrs Harold Wills, Gladstone Avenue, Dingwall, who paid the supreme sacrifice while serving on one of His Majesty's ships.

Date of Paper:   02.08.1940
Surname:   White
Forename(s):   Peter G.
Rank:   Lance Corporal
Regiment:   Cameron Highlanders
Home Address:   Station Hotel, Fortrose

L/Cpl. Peter G. White, Camerons, missing, is the husband of Mrs White, Station Hotel, Fortrose, while his parents reside in Inverness. He is an electrician to trade.

Date of Paper:   05.07.1940
Surname:   Wilkie
Forename(s):   John Morton
Rank:   Staff Sergeant Major
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   20 High Street, Avoch, ex-15 Barbados Road, Kilmarnock

S.S.M. John Morton Wilkie (33), The Seaforths, is reported missing. He served 15 years with his regiment, having been in Palestine, Egypt, and last year returned from Hong Kong, accompanied by his wife and young daughter. At present his wife and daughter are resident at 20 High Street, Avoch, and his parents at 15 Barbados Road, Kilmarnock.

Handwritten notes: "Prisoner of War 23rd August, 1940. A brother is also with the Forces. His father served with the Seaforths in the last war."

Date of Paper:   12.07.1940
Surname:   Williamson
Forename(s):   Alexander and J. D.
Rank:   Private
Regiment:    Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Coldholme, Killen, Avoch


Handwritten notes: "Twin sons of Mr and Mrs Williamson. Prisoners of War 30th August, 1940. Pte. J. D. Williamson repatriated 5th November, 1943."

Date of Paper:   31.03.1944
Surname:   Williamson
Forename(s):   Alexander
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforths
Home Address:   4 Grant Street, Dingwall.

Pte. Alexander Williamson, The Seaforths, who was captured at St Valery in June 1940, is reported to have died as a prisoner of war at Stalag XX A, Germany. He was a son of Mr Peter Williamson, 4 Grant Street, Dingwall.

Date of Paper:   12.07.1940
Surname:  Williamson
Forename(s):   William
Rank:   Sapper
Regiment:   Royal Engineers
Home Address:   Commercial Buildings, Dingwall

Sapper William Williamson, Royal Engineers, missing, is a brother of Mrs Reid, Commercial Buildings, Dingwall. the report comes from his unit. Sapper Williamson, prior to the war, was a regular soldier. Well known in Dingwall, before rejoining he was employed by Messrs Finlayson & Fraser, plumber contractors.

Date of Paper:   25.08.1944
Surname:   Williamson
Forename(s):   William
Rank:   Private
Regiment:  Seaforths
Home Address:   Drummond Street, Tain

Pte. William Williamson, The Seaforths, killed in action in Normandy, was a grandson of Mr and Mrs W. Williamson, Drummond Street, Tain. A native of the burgh, he served in the North African campaign before going to the Continent. In a letter, his Company Officer wrote that he regarded this young soldier as one of the best and bravest in D. Company. He was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in trouble, always cheerful in bad times, always reliable in a tight corner. "I wanted him to be a sniper or an N.C.O., but he would have none of it, yet he did both jobs without being paid for them. There was no man more popular in the Company."

Date of Paper:   04.06.1941
Surname:   Wills
Forename(s):   Harold E. Forbes, Harold Wills (father) and David
Rank:   Seaman / Private / Not stated
Regiment:   Royal Navy / Seaforths
Home Address:   35 Gladstone Avenue, Dingwall

Official information has been received from the Admiralty that Seaman Harold E. Forbes Wills, HMS Dido, was killed on war service on 29th May, 1941. Deceased was the third son of Mr and Mrs Harold E. Wills, 35 Gladstone Avenue, Dingwall. He joined the service in May 1939 and received his early training on HMS Caledonia. The HMS Dido was his first ship, and Mr and Mrs Wills have received a letter of sympathy from the Commander. Eighteen years of age on 25th January last, much sympathy is extended to sorrowing parents. The father, Pte. Harold Wills, was in the Pioneer Corps in the present war and served at Dunkirk. He has since been discharged. An elder brother of the deceased, David, is serving with a battalion of The Seaforth Highlanders.

Date of Paper:  19.11.1943
Surname:   Wills
Forename(s):   Michael Hamilton
Rank:   Captain
Regiment:   Coldstream Guards
Home Address:   Not stated

Captain Michael Hamilton Wills, MC, Coldstream Guards, reported missing on the Mareth line in March 1943, is now reported as killed in action. Aged 26 years, he was the husband of Mimi Mitford.

Date of Paper:   12.07.1940
Surname:   Wilson
Forename(s):   Alexander
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Ankerville Cottages, Nigg

Pte. Alexander Wilson, The Seaforths, Ankerville Cottages, Nigg, wounded and in hospital in this country.

Date of Paper:   22.01.1943
Surname:   Wilson
Forename(s):   Alistair
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Gordon Highlanders
Home Address:   Bayview, Edderton, ex-Badvoon, Ardgay

The death is announced of Private Alistair Wilson, Gordon Highlanders, who was on active service with his regiment. He was a native of the parish of Kincardine, where his people had been at Badvoon, Ardgay, for generations. After being at Gledfield School and Tain Academy, he entered the Tain branch of the Commercial Bank and progressed well, latterly being transferred to Perth Branch. Esteemed and liked by everyone, he was a keen footballer and helped his team to score many successes. As a soldier he showed qualities of the best type in daily life and his letters were full of unselfish courage. Deceased was the second son of Mr and Mrs Archibald Wilson, Bayview, Edderton, formerly of Badvoon, whose only daughter is on National Service, and whose elder son also served while able. To the family and to the fiancee, Miss Nancy Macleish, Perth, deep sympathy is extended from a wide circle of friends.

Date of Paper:   14.05.1943
Surname:   Wilson
Forename(s):   James (also Charles, Gordon and William)
Rank:   Gunner / Not stated / L.A.C.
Regiment:   Royal Artillery / RASC / RAF
Home Address:   High Street, Invergordon

Gnr. James Wilson, RA, son of Mr and Mrs Wilfred Wilson, High Street, Invergordon, is reported as having been wounded in the Middle East. Three brothers of Gnr. Wilson are also serving: Charles Wilson, RASC, Gordon Wilson, RASC, and LAC W. Wilson, RAF (overseas).

Date of Paper:   26.07.1940
Surname:   Wilson
Forename(s):   James W. N. (also Alexander and Robert)
Rank:   Drummer / Not stated
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders / British Expeditionary Force
Home Address:   Ardullie Farm, Dingwall

Drummer James W. N. Wilson (20), The Seaforths, missing, is the second son of Mr and Mrs George Wilson, Ardullie Farm, Dingwall. He has been four years in the T.F. and prior to the war was employed by Mr James Scott, at Ardullie. Two other sons of Mr and Mrs Wilson are with the Colours. Robert was with the B.E.F. when it evacuated Dunkirk; Alexander is with the Seaforths in this country.

Date of Paper:   27.08.1943
Surname:   Wilson
Forename(s):   Marriott
Rank:   Lieutenant
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Vancouver, Canada

WILSON - Killed in action, Lieutenant Marriott Wilson, The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, son of Dr. George Wilson, Vancouver, and grandson of the late Major Brook, Invergordon.

Date of Paper:   12.07.1940
Surname:   Wilson
Forename(s):   Neil
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Deans Road, Fortrose


Handwritten notes: "Age 18. Son of Mr and Mrs John Wilson. Missing. Wounded and Prisoner of War 20th Sept., 1940."

Date of Paper:   05.07.1940
Surname:   Winchester
Forename(s):   Alexander
Rank:   Gunner
Regiment:   Royal Artillery
Home Address:   Mossfield, Invergordon

WINCHESTER - Accidentally drowned in France, on 6th June 1940, Gunner Alexander Winchester, beloved son of the late Alexander Winchester and Mrs Winchester, Mossfield, Invergordon.

Date of Paper:   12.05.1944
Surname:   Wright
Forename(s):   James
Rank:   Flight Lieutenant
Regiment:   New Zealand Royal Air Force
Home Address:   Masterton, New Zealand, ex-Kinlochewe

WRIGHT - Killed on Operations in December 1943, Flight Lieut. Jim Wright, DFC, NZ, eloved son of Mr and Mrs Fred. Wright, Masterton, New Zealand, and grandson of the late Alexander Macdonald, Kinlochewe, aged 20 years.

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