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World War 2:  O'Hare - Patience

Surname  Forename(s) Rank Home Relationship
O'Hare Paddy Private Dingwall  
Oldershaw George A Stoker PO Portmahomack  
Ord Sydney Major Arabella  
Paris Alister Private Avoch Brother/Sister
Paris Josephine Nursing Sister Avoch Brother/Sister
Paterson William Private Muir of Ord  
Paterson William G Corporal Fearn  
Patience Alistair Guardsman Avoch Brothers 1
Patience Arthur Private Nigg  
Patience Daniel Private Avoch  
Patience Donald Guardsman Avoch Brothers 1
Patience George Gunner Cromarty  
Patience Gilbert Guardsman Avoch Brothers 1
Patience Hugh A Private Avoch Brothers 2
Patience James W Chief Cook Avoch  
Patience John Seaman Avoch Brothers 3
Patience Roderick D Private Avoch Brothers 2
Patience Simon Seaman Avoch Brothers 3
Patience William L/Corporal Avoch  


Date of Paper:   07.07.1944
Surname:   O'Hare
Forename(s):   Paddy
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Not stated
Home Address:   9 Grant Street, Dingwall

Miss Janet O'Hare, 9 Grant Street, Dingwall, has received information from her brother, Pte. Paddy O'Hare, that he was wounded in Normandy, and is in hospital in England.

Date of Paper:   29.05.1942
Surname:   Oldershaw
Forename(s):   George Alfred
Rank:   Acting Stoker Petty Officer (Temporary)
Regiment:   Royal Navy
Home Address:   The Neuk, Chapelhill, Portmahomack

Mrs Anne M. Oldershaw, The Neuk, Chapelhill, Portmahomack, has received official intimation that her husband, Acting Stoker Petty Officer (Temporary) George Alfred Oldershaw, R.N., has been killed while on war service in HMS Jackal. A message from the Commodore states: "Please allow me to express on behalf of the officers and men of the Royal Navy, the high tradition of which your husband has helped to maintain, sincere sympathy with you in your sad bereavement."

Date of Paper:   13.04.1945
Surname:   Ord
Forename(s):   Sydney
Rank:   Major
Regiment:   R.E.M.E.
Home Address:   Borden, ex-Arabella, Nigg, Ross-shire

Ex-Sergt. Major Ord, Arabella, has received official information that his only son, Major Sydney Ord, R.E.M.E., has died on active service with the B.L.A. A propular young man and a brilliant officer of great promise, Major Ord's rapid promotion gave much satisfaction to his many friends , and his sudden death, after only a few hours illness, is deeply deplored by the local community, among whom he spent his childhood and early youth previous to his joining the army. The sincere sympathy of a wide circle of friends is extended to the deceased's widow and young daughter, who reside at Borden, and to Mr and Mrs Ord and other relatives.

Date of Paper:   23.07.1943
Surname:   Paris
Forename(s):   Alister and Josephine
Rank:   Private / Nursing Sister
Regiment:   Gordon Highlanders / Queen Alexandra's Nursing Service
Home Address:   Bennetsfield Farm, Avoch, ex-The Nursery, Strathpeffer.

Official notification has been received that Private Alister Paris, Gordon Highlanders, is now a prisoner of war in Malaya. Prior to his serving in the war, he assisted his uncle and aunt at Bennetsfield Farm, Avoch, with his brother. His sister, Sister Josephine Paris, Queen Alexandra Nursing Home, has been serving in the Middle East. Their parents, the late Mr and Mrs Hugh Paris, had long been resident at the "Nursery", Strathpeffer.

Date of Paper:   14.06.1940 and 19.07.1940
Surname:   Paterson
Forename(s):   William
Rank:   Private
Regiment:    Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   West Lodge, Urray, Muir of Ord

Private William Paterson, Seaforth Highlanders, dangerously wounded, is in a General Hospital in France. He is the son of Mr Thomas Paterson, estate sawmiller, West Lodge, Urray, Muir of Ord. Prior to the war he was a plasterer with Messrs Grant & Sons, contractors, Dingwall.

[19.07.1940] Pte. William Paterson, The Seaforths, died of wounds, was a son of Mr Thomas Paterson, estate sawmiller, and Mrs Paterson, West Lodge, Urray, Muir of Ord. Early in June he was reported dangerously wounded and lying in a General Hospital in France. On 11th July, Mr and Mrs Paterson received intimation through the Red Cross that their son had died of his wounds on 11th June, the day after he had been admitted to hospital. The letter stated that he had a painless death and that the remains had been buried at Rouen. A plasterer to trade, deceased was in the employment of Messrs Grant & Sons, Dingwall, prior to the war. He was a keen sportsman and a successful cyclist on the track.

Date of Paper:   13.09.1940
Surname:   Paterson
Forename(s):   William G.
Rank:   Corporal
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Wester Arboll, Fearn

Cpl. Wm. G. Paterson, The Seaforths, prisoner of war, is a son of Mr and Mrs Paterson, Wester Arboll, and late of Rockfield, Portmahomack.

Date of Paper:  27.04.1945 and 12.07.1940
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   Arthur
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Arabella Holdings, Nigg

Pte. Arthur Patience, The Seaforths, who has made the supreme sacrifice on active service with the B.L.A., was a son of Mr and Mrs Patience, Arabella, Nigg. In January Pte. Patience was home on leave and his many friends were delighted to see him so cheerful and optimistic. A talented musician, previous to his joining the army he was a valued member of the local band, and during his soldiering in this country his musical ability was recognised by the regimental band, of which he was a member. Of a particularly attractive personality, the deceased was a very popular member of the community, who sincerely mourn his loss. To the deeply bereaved parents, sisters and only surviving brother, who has been a prisoner of war in Germany since St. Valery, widespread sympathy is extended. A letter to his parents from his Commanding Officer speaks in highest praise of Pte. Patience as a soldier and as a man of whom the regiment was proud.

[12.07.1940] Handwritten notes: "Missing. Prisoner of War 4th October, 1940. Liberated 1st June, 1945."

Date of Paper:   05.07.1940
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   Daniel
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforths
Home Address:   17 Ormonde Terrace, Avoch

Pte. Daniel Patience (21), The Seaforths, missing, is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs David Patience, 17 Ormonde Terrace, Avoch. Prior to the war Pte. Patience was employed on the Corslete Farm, Rosemarkie.

Handwritten notes: "Prisoner of War 30th August, 1940. Liberated 4th May, 1945."

Date of Paper:   06.11.1942
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   George
Rank:   Gunner
Regiment:   G.A.A.
Home Address:   Cromarty, ex-Ormonde Terrace, Avoch.

Gunner George Patience, G.A.A., who was officially reported missing on June 20, 1942, in the Middle East, is now notified by the War Office as being a prisoner. He is the only son of Mr and Mrs James Patience, Ormonde Terrace, Avoch. His wife and infant son reside at Cromarty.

Date of Paper:   04.06.1943, 03.03.1944 and 17.03.1944
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   Gilbert, Alistair and Donald
Rank:   Guardsman
Regiment:   Scots Guards
Home Address:   Braehead, Avoch

Mrs MacIntosh, Braehead, Avoch, has received official intimation that her three brothers were wounded in the Tunisian Campaign. Guardsman Gilbert Patience, after medical attention, rejoined his unit, but Guardsman Alistair Patience and Guardsman Donald Patience are in hospital. The three brothers, with their eldest brothers, also now serving, made a most notable family record when they joined the Scots Guards all together several years ago.

[03.03.1944] Mrs MacIntosh, Braehead, Avoch, received a letter last week from the Commanding Officer, Scots Guards Headquarters, London, that her brother, Guardsman Gilbert Patience, Scots Guards, has been killed in action on the Italian Front. He expressed his sympahy for the untimely loss of so courageous a soldier, who fulfilled the highest standards of the Regiment and whose loss will be felt deeply by his comrades both in the Central Mediterranean Force and at home. Deceased was 35 years of age. He and his twin brother, Guardsman Alistair Patience, and youngest brother, Guardsman Donald Patience, took part in the North African Campaign, and each was wounded in Tunis. the youngest was sent home to hospital, being severely injured in the armn, whilst "Gibby", so named by those who loved him, after receiving surgical treatment, rejoined his fighting unit, Alistair remaining in a North African hospital for some months and afterwards served beside his twin brother on the Italian front, where he witnessed his brother's supreme sacrifice. He wrote home of his brother's loss. News also came to Mrs MacIntosh last week of the arrival of her brother, Guardsman Donald Patience, who was looking forward to soon rejoining his brother in Italy, he having volunteered again for the front. The brothers had rarely been separated, and were closely attached to one another. About twelve years ago they made an unusual family record when they and their elder brother travelled to London and joined the 1st Scots Guards all together on the same day. They bore high characters and were popular in Avoch. Guardsman Patience was born in South Africa. He served his apprenticeship as a plumber with Mr Brown, Inverness. Everyone in Avoch found him so likeable a personality. Much sympathy is expressed for his sister and brothers, also his father, long resident in South Africa.

[17.03.1944] Mrs MacIntosh, Braehead, Avoch, has been officially informed that her two brothers, Guardsmen Alistair and Donald Patience, are prisoners of war from the Italian Front. A fortnight ago she had news of her twin brother, Guardsman Gibson Patience, being killed on the same front. The brothers had joined the 1st Scots Guards 12 years ago.

Handwritten note: "Alistair and Donald liberated 25th May, 1945."

Date of Paper:  28.06.1940 and 05.07.1940
Surname:  Patience
Forename(s)  Roderick David and Hugh Alexander
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders / Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:  4 Toll Road, Avoch

Private Roderick David Patience, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, is reported missing on June 5th, of which his parents, Mr and Mrs Alexander Patience, 4 Toll Road, Avoch, have received official intimation. He was 19 years of age and had volunteered when working at Kinlochleven. His parents have had no news for some weeks concerning his eldest brother, Private Hugh A. Patience, serving with The Seaforth Highlanders.

Handwritten notes: "Prisoner of War 18th October, 1940. Liberated 27th April, 1945."

[05.07.1940] Pte. Hugh Alexander Patience (23), Seaforths, missing, is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Alexander Patience, 4 Toll Road, Avoch. Prior to the war he was a baker in Avoch. His younger brother, Pte. Roderick David Patience (19), Argyll & Sutherlands, was reported missing on June 5. He had volunteered when working at Kinlochleven. Their father served in the R.N.R. throughout the last war.

Handwritten note: "16th October, 1942 - Reported killed in action."

Date of Paper:   18.07.1942
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   James William
Rank:   Chief Cook
Regiment:   Royal Navy
Home Address:   36 High Street, Avoch

Much sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Lewis Patience, 36 High Street, Avoch, in their trying ordeal of their young son being reported missing. Mr James William Patience, who was unmarried, served as Chief Cook in a vessel reported officially sunk by enemy action in the Atlantic. The only survivors known to have reached safety in Iceland were the occupants of a lifeboat, in charge of the Captain. No news has been received of the crews of two other lifeboats. From early boyhood Mr Patience was an expert swimmer. For over five years he had served regularly in the foreign mercantile service. He served his apprenticeship at Avoch Bakery with Mr Wm. Macdonald, and was a general favourite in the district. Five of his brothers have been serving in the Navy since the outbreak of war. Three have served in the same vessel, and their wives and children are resident in Avoch. Another married brother has also been on foreign active service, whilst the younger brother saw active service in Norway, the Mediterranean, and was wounded while serving on HMS Jarvis Bay.

Date of Paper:   24.07.1940
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   John and Simon
Rank:   Seaman
Regiment:   Royal Naval Reserve
Home Address:   9 Shore Street, Avoch

A.B. Seaman John Patience, RNR, from whom no news had been received for several weeks, has written a letter the other day to his parents at 9 Shore Street, Avoch, informing them that he is safe and well. They have also received a notification from the Admiralty which confirms the fact that he is one of the survivors from the HMS Vandyck, the ex-luxury cruise liner which was sunk by air attack off the coast of Norway. Seaman Patience (21) is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Donald Patience, and had been serving since the outbreak of war. His elder brother, Seaman Simon Patience, RNR, was wounded during hostilities at Narvik, and has now returned to duty.

Handwritten note: "Liberated 18th May, 1945."

Date of Paper:   14.06.1940 and 21.06.1940
Surname:   Patience
Forename(s):   William
Rank:   Lance Corporal
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   15 Ormonde Terrace, Avoch

L./Cpl. William Patience, Seaforth Highlanders, elder son of Widow Patience, Ormonde Terrace, Avoch, lies wounded in an hospital in England.

[21.06.1940] L./Cpl. Wm. Patience, BEF, arrived in hospital in England, and writes home that his wounded arm is in a favourable condition. Already Black Isle friends have visited him.

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