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World War 2:  Macmillan - Macpherson

Surname  Forename(s) Rank Home Relationship
Macmillan  Evan Captain Invergordon  
Macmillan Robert R Corporal New Zealand  
Macnab Angus L Major Dingwall  
Macnair Andrew Sergeant Avoch  
McNair Alexander R Private Australia  
Macnaughton Ian Private Marybank  
Macneill Ian ? Bonar Bridge  
Macphee Donald Private Culbokie Brothers 1
Macphee William Private Culbokie Brothers 1
Macpherson Alastair J Private Shieldaig  
Macpherson Donald J Sergeant Invergordon  
Macpherson Duncan Corporal Gairloch Brothers 2
Macpherson Hugh Sergeant Alness  
Macpherson Ian N Private Kyle of Lochalsh  
Macpherson Roderick Private Gairloch Brothers 2
Macpherson Roderick Private Ullapool  

Date of Paper:   04.05.1945
Surname:   Macmillan
Forename(s):   Evan
Rank:   Captain
Regiment:   Royal Army Medical Corps
Home Address:   West Winds, Invergordon


Handwritten notes: "Captured at St Valery in June 1940. Liberated 4th May, 1945."

Date of Paper:   18.11.1942
Surname:   Macmillan
Forename(s):   Robert Ross
Rank:   Corporal
Regiment:   New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Home Address:   Ashburton, New Zealand, ex-Dingwall

Cpl. Robert Ross Macmillan, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, died of wounds in the Middle East on 26th October, 1942. This informnation has been received by his uncle, Mr Frank R. Ross, clothier, High Street, Dingwall. Deceased was the son of Mr and Mrs Robert Macmillan, Ashburton, South Island, and a grandson of the late Mr William Macmillan, Gordonville, Dingwall, and the late Mr Roderick Ross, St. Margaret's, Dingwall. About 25 years of age, he visited Dingwall with his parents when he was a child and is remembered by many people.

Date of Paper:   22.09.1944
Surname:   Macnab
Forename(s):   Angus Laidlaw
Rank:   Major
Regiment:   Cameron Highlanders
Home Address:   63 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh, ex-Ardullie, Dingwall

Major Angus Macnab, Cameron Highlanders, killed in action in North-west Europe, was a son of the late Mr Angus Macnab, head gamekeeper, Foulis estate, Evanton, who served as a C.S.M. in the last war with the 1/4th Seaforth Highlanders. Major Macnab was a banker by profession, and was employed in the Nairn branch of the National Bank before he joined up. His wife, two daughters and one son reside in Edinburgh.

On Active Service. MACNAB - Killed in action in North-West Europe, in September, 1944, Major Angus Laidlaw Macnab, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (of National Bank, Nairn), dearly beloved only son of the late Angus Macnab, of Ardullie Lodge, Dingwall, and Mrs Macnab, 63 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh, aged 27 years.

Date of Paper:   30.03.1945
Surname:   Macnair
Forename(s):   Andrew
Rank:   Sergeant
Regiment:   Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Home Address:   Rosehaugh Dairy, Avoch

Mr and Mrs Macnair, Rosehaugh Dairy, Avoch, have received official information that their only son, Sergt. Andrew Macnair, RAFVR, has been reported missing over enemy occupied territory in Western Europe during operational duties. "Andy" is 21 years old.

Date of Paper:   14.02.1941
Surname:   McNair
Forename(s):   Alexander Roderick
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Australian Expeditionary Force
Home Address:   Rockhampton, North Byaderk, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, ex-Lochala Farm, Avoch

Intimation was received last Thursday by Mr Andrew McNair, at Lochala Farm, Avoch, that his third son, Pte. Alexander Roderick (Alick) McNair, died from his wounds on January 22, 1941, while serving with the Australian Expeditionary Force. His last letter received at home was dated from Palestine.

He was 38 years of age. Prior to his volunteering for active service, he had been farming at Rockhampton, North Byaderk, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, having emigrated there ten years ago. Two brothers are resident at Avoch, one farming Lochala Farm, and the other is in charge of Rosehaugh Dairy. His sister, Miss McNair, resides at Lochala, and the other, Mrs Mackay, at Montrose.

Date of Paper:   10.12.1943
Surname:   Macnaughton
Forename(s):   Ian
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforths
Home Address:  Scatwell Gardens, Marybank

Pte. Ian Macnaughton, The Seaforths, one of the repatriated prisoners, was prior to the war a gardener with Sir William Coats Cross of Scatwell, Bart. An old 4th Seaforth, he went with the 51st Division to France in 1940, and was wounded and made prisoner at St Valery. It is interesting to note that he was one of the prisoners who attended the funeral of the late Pte. Joseph W. Gibson, Dingwall, who died as a prisoner of war in Germany in August last.

Date of Paper:   14.06.1940
Surname:   Macneill
Forename(s):   Ian
Rank:   Not stated
Regiment:   Royal Army Service Corps
Home Address:   Woodside, Bonar Bridge

Mr Ian Macneill, RASC, Woodwide, Bonar Bridge, killed in action, was a very fine young man, worthy son of a brave father, the late Mr Francis Macneil, 5th Seaforths, who was killed in action in France in the last war.

Date of Paper:   12.07.1940
Surname:   Macphee
Forename(s):   Donald and William
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforths
Home Address:  Mount Eagle, Culbokie

Pte. William Macphee, The Seaforths, missing, is a son of Mr and Mrs Macphee, Mount Eagle, Culbokie. Pte. Donald Macphee, another son, also with The Seaforths, has not been heard of for some weeks. Both youths are well known throughout the Black Isle. Although living amid primitive surroundings, they readily responded to the call of King and Country.

Handwritten notes: "Pte. Donald Macphee, another son, reported prisoner of war, 23rd August, 1940."
"Pte. William Macphee reported prisoner of war 30th August, 1940."

Date of Paper:   01.11.1940
Surname:   Macpherson
Forename(s):   Alastair John
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Diabaig, Shieldaig


Handwritten notes: "Son of Mr and Mrs John Macpherson, Diabaig, Shieldaig. Prisoner of War."

Date of Paper:   26.12.1941
Surname:   Macpherson
Forename(s):   Donald J.
Rank:   Sergeant
Regiment:   Royal Air Force
Home Address:   Joss Street, Invergordon

The Air Ministry have notified Mr D. MacDermid, Joss Street, Invergordon, that his foster son, Sergeant Donald J. Macpherson, RAF, has been officially reported killed while on active service with the RAF. Sergeant Macpherson was a highly popular figure in Invergordon, and was employed by Ross and Cromarty Council in the Municipal Buildings, Invergordon. He took a keen interest in local affairs, and was treasurer of Invergordon Fancy Dress Parade. He assisted Mr Wm. George, secretary, at several Invergordon Highland Gatherings and also at swimming galas, etc. He took part in local A.R.P. functions and was a member of Toc H and Invergordon Boys Athletic Club. Deceased was highly popular with all classes of the community and by his death at 26 years of age Invergordon has lost one of its finest citizens. Full RAF honours were accorded at his funeral.

Date of Paper:   06.09.1940 and 09.08.1940
Surname:    Macpherson
Forename(s):    Duncan and Roderick
Rank:    Corporal / Private
Regiment:   Seaforths
Home Address:    7 Port Henderson, Gairloch

Cpl. Duncan Macpherson, The Seaforths, prisoner of war, is a son of the late Mr and Mrs Kenneth Macpherson, 7 Port Henderson, Gairloch, and was in the employment of the District Council prior to the war.

[09.08.1940, ref. Roderick] Handwritten note: "Forestry Worker. Wounded."

Date of Paper:   24.07.1942
Surname:   Macpherson
Forename(s):   Hugh
Rank:   Sergeant
Regiment:   Cameron Highlanders
Home Address:   Cluny Cottage, Coulhill, Alness

Official information has been received by Mr and Mrs Donald Macpherson, Cluny Cottage, Coulhill, Alness, that their son, Sgt. Hugh Macpherson, Cameron Highlanders, has been reported missing in Libya on 21st June. Sgt. Macpherson is 24 years of age and joined the Camerons as a boy eight years ago. Of these, seven were served abroad, mostly in Palestine and also in India and Egypt. Further news is anxiously awaited by his parents.

Handwritten notes: "Prisoner of War 25th Sept., 1942. 3rd December, 1943, transferred to Germany. Liberated 4th May, 1945."

Date of Paper:   02.06.1944
Surname:   Macpherson
Forename(s):   Ian Neil
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Royal Army Observer Corps
Home Address:   Kyle of Lochalsh

The accidental death of Pte. Ian Neil Macpherson, RAOC, has occurred while on active service, at the age of 24 years. He was the only son of Mr and Mrs Macpherson, Kyle of Lochalsh. The youngest dux of Kyle School, he was a pupil of Plockton H.G. School, and afterwards proceeded to Robert Gordon's College and Aberdeen University. His body was brought home, full military honours being paid by his Unit at the point of departure. On Thursday, the Rev. J. Maclean, assisted by Mr McConnochie, held a funeral service in Kyle Church, a very large gathering being present. The sympathy of the community is extended to his parents and his sister.

Date of Paper:   05.07.1940
Surname:   Macpherson
Forename(s):   Roderick
Rank:   Private
Regiment:   Seaforth Highlanders
Home Address:   Corry, Ullapool


Handwritten note: "Wounded."

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