World War 2 Records

World War Two Collage

Ross-shire Personnel serving in World War 2

The Convoy Memorial at Aultbea.  [Photo courtesy of Iain Sinclair.]

The pages which follow contain extracts from the Ross-shire Journal during the 1939-45 War. Newspaper copies had been deposited with Dingwall Museum but over the years had become rather fragile and were in danger of disintegrating and so it was felt that this valuable record should not be lost.

There are no photographs associated with the extracts - apart from a few secured from local families - and so it would be appreciated if photographs and/or additional material could be loaned to augment the records.

The brevity of many of the extracts (as opposed to those in the Ross-shire Journal  of 1914-1918) could be reflected in the need for secrecy during 1939-1945.

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