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In this book are recorded in reverent and undying remembrance the names of the Men of Lochbroom who laid down their lives for their King and Country in the European War of 1914-1918 and it is dedicated with deepest gratitude and warm appreciation to their surviving comrades who, having shared in the same hardships and dangers as were the lot of the departed heroes of Lochbroom, have been spared to benefit their native land still further by the high example of their lives, which have been already gloriously distiguished by gallant deeds in the past.


These records of the lives and deaths of the fallen heroes of Lochbroom have been compiled by Edith, wife of Major Fraser, CMG, OBE, of Leckmelm, Lochbroom, Ross-shire.

In order to secure accurate information regarding every case, Major and Mrs Fraser have addressed full enquiries to the surviving relatives and have visited every home in Lochbroom which has lost a son or brother.  (Widely scattered these homes are, along a sea coast of some fifty miles.)

To Major and Mrs Fraser this work has been a labour of love, undertaken in accordance with the spirit of the command addressed to them by HM King George V on the occasion of the expression of his sympathy in the loss (in action) of their son, Captain Andrew Fraser, MC,:  "Let those who come after see to it that their names be not forgotten." 


After RCHS had uploaded this account it was discovered that in recent years a Psalm tune, entitled Lochbroom, had been composed by Murdo Urquhart and Alison Hammond, and it seems appropriate to add this in memory of the Men of Lochbroom 1914-1918.  The piper is Murdo Macleod.

Psalm Tune Loch Broom


Men of Lochbroom 1914-1918

In September 2017 Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society acquired the book Records of The Men of Lochbroom who fell in the European War 1914-1918.  These records were collected and arranged by Mrs Edith Fraser of Leckmelm, the book was printed for private circulation only and is somewhat unique.

Elsewhere in this website will be found extracts appearing the Ross-shire Journal during 1914-1918 of personnel from Ross-shire who served in the Forces and it is felt that Mrs Fraser's records will complement these extracts since some of the personnel featured in the book did not appear in the newspaper's columns.  Those killed in action are listed chronologically in Mrs Fraser's records, but RCHS has reverted to its own style of alphabetical order of surname. 

Those seeking further information are referred to Clare Church's excellent research Coigach's Sacrifice in The Great War.  [Or see RCHS website - Coigach, then Folk.] 




In order to place on record all available particulars of the heroes of Lochbroom Parish who lost their lives in the Great War of 1914-18, this work was begun in 1919.

Personal enquiry was made, and sometimes more than once, in every house concerned, and it is hoped that no hero's name has been omitted, and that the information given is accurate. 

In certain cases where natives of Lochbroom were absent from home at the outbreak of war, joining Colonial or American forces, it was almost by accident that they were heard of.  It is therefore possible that the total of eighty-five, a noble total for a sparsely populated Highland Parish, should be yet greater, and we shall deeply regret any unknown omission that may yet come to light.  In some cases the photographs desired could not be found, or did not exist, while in other cases the available details were all too scanty.  Yet it is hoped that the information actually recorded may help to keep fresh the remembrance of many of the very best of our young men when we who knew them have passed away.

While their loss to ourselves is irreparable, their noble example, shortly recorded herein, will live on after most of us are forgotten, and may help to ennoble succeeding generations, and raise higher still the lofty traditions of the Highlander in the way of duty and devotion.

Maps are inserted showing the districts of chief interest, and photographs of the scenes of battles, which will become historical, where our Lochbroom men died in a manner worthy of men.  For many of these maps and photos we are indebted to the publishers of The Michelin Guide to the Battlefields (France), who kindly placed them at our disposal free of charge.

We heartily acknowledge the willing help given by many, sometimes in providing particulars obtained by them, sometimes in finding in France the photos specially wanted, sometimes in suggesting appropriate epitaphs, Gaelic and English for each departed hero.  Our very special thanks are here due to Alice, Lady Fowler of Braemore, who supplied valuable information otherwise quite unobtainable, also special pictures and photos, and, further, material financial help towards the heavy expenses of the work which, indeed, could never have appeared in the present form without her whole-hearted support.

Many deeds of individual heroism, scarcely mentioned herein, both of the dead and of the living, might well be enlarged upon, and fuller details of the lives of the departed might be given.  The scope of this work forbids such expansion, which would make the cost of a copy prohibitive to some of those who may be the most anxious to place one among their family archives.

While other parish memorials are now in progress which will record the names of our departed heroes, the fuller details given in these pages will supplement such memorials, and provide in every home where there is an empty chair "Monumentum aere perennius".

J W Fraser
Leckmelm, Lochbroom,
23 October 1921.

A selection of scenes from Lewis & Harris with Kristine Kennedy singing Psalm 107:21-30, in Gaelic, to the tune Loch Broom. From Kristine's album " Cuan a Ghaoil-San"

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An Teallach.  Painting by Finlay Mackinnon, RA.  This was the illustration at the beginning of the book.
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