Ross and Cromarty Local Government

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Ross and Cromarty local government county was created in 1890 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889. This remained unchanged until it was abolished in 1975 when the new Highland Region was formed. The old Ross and Cromarty county was divided between three new districts. Most of the former county became the new district of Ross and Cromarty. Lochalsh joined the Skye and Lochalsh district, Kincardine area joined Sutherland district and Lewis became part of the Western Isles.

The Ross and Cromarty district was abolished in 1996 and the former district formed the management area of Ross and Cromarty consisting of 13 wards. Between 1999 until 2007 the Ross and Cromarty management area was changed to 18 wards. After 2007 the name was only used for the Ross and Cromarty area committee of Highland Councillors representing the former wards of Ross and Cromarty.
The Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society is based on the 36 communities of Ross and Cromarty District council at the time the Highland Region was formed in 1975.

This map shows the 36 communities of Ross and Cromarty District council in 1975 and have their heritage recorded on this website.

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Map of the Ross and Cromarty Communities

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