Wester Loch Ewe Work

Wester Loch Ewe Community Collage

Stacking peat.

Wester Loch Ewe Work

Construction of water storage tank at Inverasdale.  

Access track before improvement works.

Existing water storage tank serving Inverasdale.

Construction of tank - "cracking" formwork from newly cast wall.

Construction of tank - placing concrete on roof.  Note reversed bucket on machine and concrete vibrator.

Site engineer, John O'Donovan, inspecting concrete finish.

Inside newly constructed tank as internal works approach completion.

Construction of brick chamber close to tank.  Improved access track in mid-ground.  Loch Ewe in background.

Helicopter transporting materials to reconstruction of river intake.

Site agent, Hector Macdonald, in the helicopter.

Laying geotextile material prior to placement of imported stone for extension to access track at tank site.  Completed tank in background, now with earth surround.

Construction of high pressure polyethylene pipelines between storage tank and site of treatment plant.

Pipeline crossing of stream, with high pressure polyethylene pipes laid in ductile iron pipes (acting as protective ducts).

Constructing new high pressure polyethylene pipeline between new tank (mid-ground) and river intake.

Improved river intake.  Note boggy conditions which necessitated delivery of construction materials by helicopter.

Looking at completed access track and storage tank.  Site agent for R J Macleod, Hector Macdonald (yellow jacket), is talking to NoSWA clerk of works, Tony Kerrigan.
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