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Tarbat Community Collage

A rainbow forms over Tarbat Free Church.

Abbot's Stone, Applecross
Clachan Church, Applecross
Rosemarkie Stone and Church
St Clement's Church, Dingwall
St Duthac's Church, Tain
Tarbat Church, Portmahomack

Thanks are due to Mrs Dorothy Haldane for permission to record excerpts from her late husband's book Ye His Saints.

Map showing various locations, referred to in the text, which are associated with Scotland's saints.

Tarbat Old Parish Church or the Church of St Colman at Portmahomack, Easter Ross, with the Dornoch Firth in the background. Beneath the present building fragments of walls of earlier buildings, going back over 1000 years, have been unearthed. A grave marker recovered from the foundation of St Colman's Church in 1998 is similar to early grave markers at St Columba's monastery in Iona. The marker, illustrated along with its reverse side, was recovered from the foundations of the church in 1998 and is now housed in the church along with many other fascinating and beautiful finds from the dig. These give a unique insight into life in the Pictish era. 

Tarbat Churches

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), Portmahomack - June 2002

Tarbat Free Church is a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). It is reformed, evangelical and presbyterian.  The Church is located in the village of Portmahomack, Ross and Cromarty.

This building, on the same site as the present one, served the congregation from 1844 to 1893. It is shown here on the day demolition commenced.  The builder of the new church, Lamb to name, is visible on the roof.

The present place of worship dates from 1893 and is a fine neo-Gothic building in the village of Portmahomack. The building was designed by Andrew Maitland and Sons, Architects. It was largely restored in 1993-4.

This picture shows the bell, following repair in 1994, being lifted back into position at a height of about 50' above ground.

This picture shows the interior of the church, the woodwork being fine North American pine.  (This photo courtesy of David and Jane Fulkerson, Plentywood, Montana, USA)

Rev. Dugald Matheson, minister during the period in which the present building was erected.

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