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Image showing exterior of Blythswood Charity shop Interior of the Shop
Exterior of Blythswood Charity shop Interior of the shop
Blythswood Charity Shop in Tain was opened in April 1993 in St. Duthus House, St Duthus Street. The premises comprise the main shop, a sorting/store room and toilet facilities.
The shop exists to sell second-hand clothes, shoes, books and bric-a-brac to raise money to help fund the International Aid Charity Blythswood's vehicles taking aid to Eastern Europe and is manned by around 20 volunteers, each working a few hours per week.
The people of Tain benefit by being able to buy second-hand clothes very cheaply and by having an outlet for articles they can or no longer wish to use themselves.
June Talbot, October, 1999.

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