Strathpeffer Places

Strathpeffer Community Collage
The three pupils of Fodderty Primary School who took many of the photographs in this section (Oct. 1998). They are standing in front of the noticeboard in the Square with the Pavilion in the background.

More young photographers from Fodderty Primary School (Oct. 1998)

Public Buildings

Fodderty Primary School (Oct. 1998)

Strathpeffer Primary School, successor to Fodderty Primary.

The Medical Centre (1998)

The Spa Pavilion (1998)

This building, erected on the site of the former pump room, is currently (2015) the tourist office.  The former tourist office (now "Square Wheels") is in the background.

The Public Toilets (1998)

And the sewage works!

The text in 1998 read as follows:
Tourist Information Office (1998) in the Square.
The present tourist office opened in 1988 and stands in the village square. There is a staff of two and it is open from Easter to Mid-October. It is a busy office and gets many enquiries from quite far afield; the people who come into the office are mainly looking for accommodation. There are lots of pamphlets covering a wide range of places to visit and things to do in Ross & Cromarty plus many more for a wide surrounding area. They also have books and postcards for sale.

It should be noted that the building is now (2015) occupied by "Square Wheels" a popular venue for the cycling fraternity.

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