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Achterneed Hall (taken in the late 1960s) - scene of the Heights Heritage exhibition.

Heights Heritage Exhibition - September 2001

People of "The Heights"

The Macdonald family of Tigh na gaoith
Standing (left to right) - Colin MacDonald, (unknown man, girl, bearded man, girl, youth - the girls might be Connie and Rosie Munro, Newhouse)
Seated - Donald MacDonald, Donald Foubister, Belle Foubister (nee MacDonald) with baby David Foubister, Elsie MacDonald, Christina Mackenzie (nee MacDonald) with baby Elsie Mackenzie. Photo taken at Tigh-na-gaoith, 1906.

At back: Belle Foubister (nee MacDonald) and Alec MacDonald.   Front: Elsie MacDonald, Donald MacDonald, Thomas Young, David Foubister, Donald Foubister, Margaret Young.  Photo taken at Tigh-na-gaoith, 1911.

Colin Macdonald (author) and his wife Margaret.

The Macdonald family 1924.

Katie Macdonald

John Fraser, around 1900, at the Chalet on Knockfarrel.

Mrs Maclennan and grand-daughter Annie Maclennan, c.1930, at a cottage on 'The Street'.  Ruins now, just to the west of Donald Maciver's house.

The Aird family of Toran Sligeach.

George and Isobella Macdonald, Ivy Cottage.

Dod Robertson, Mrs I Tulloch, Ivor Ross (Cromarty), Annie Maclennan (Mackenzie), Jimmy Maclennan, Mrs J Mackenzie, Andy Tulloch. Taken 01.06.61 at Jessie Macdonald's wedding.

Annie Maclennan, Mrs Mackenzie, John Junor, Chrissie Macdonald, Margaret Cameron, Isobel Macdonald, Jessie Robertson, Donnie Mackenzie, Flora Shaw (Maclean), Peter Louden, George Macdonald (Geordie the Pump), Isabella Macdonald, Mrs F Junor.  Taken on 01.06.1961, going to Jessie and George's wedding.

Harvest Home at Achterneed early 1960s.  l-r:  Jean Tulloch, ?, Betty Mackenzie, Jessie Maclennan, Shona Macritchie, Marnie Mackenzie.

Chrissie Urquhaqrt, Alec John and Nan Maclennan - March 1941.

Alec John and his dog with Ben Wyvis in the background.

Alick Cameron, Jean (his wife), Mary Cameron, Margaret Cameron, Jack Cameron.

Margaret Bain, ?, ? Bain, Mrs Maclennan, ? Bain, Alick Maclennan ("Taller") at Fleuchlady.

Donnie Mackenzie's niece, Chrisanna Maciver, feeding the hens.

Donnie Mackenzie with his horse and cart and the corner leading to Leidcruich.

Mrs Mackenzie, Isobel Cameron, George Macdonald, Mrs I Macdonald, Miss Isobel Macdonald (Spean), Jessie Maclennan (Macdonald), Betty Mackenzie, Kenny Ross, Jean Tulloch, George Macdonald, Shona Macritchie, Donnie Mackenzie, Jackie Macdonald, Andy Tulloch, Willie Souter.

Kenny Stewart

Kenny Stewart with son Kenny.

Kenny Stewart with grand-daughter Avril, 1957.

Rona, Jane and Avril Stewart.

Macpherson family (shoemaker).

Eleanor Macpherson and Sadie Munro.

Dunkie ("Kettle") and Eleanor Macpherson.

Back:  Murdo Macleod.  Front l-r:  Gordon Maciver, Irene Macleod, Roddie Macleod.

Donald Armstrong (Drynie).  The trees at the top of the hill still stand and are not much larger.

Back row l-r: Donnie Mackenzie, Duncan Mackenzie, Jimmy Maclennan, Duncan Finlay. (Middle row): Alex John Maclennan (Front row): Roy's Maciver's mother Frances, Roy Maciver (child), George Macdonald, Fay Mackenzie, Chrisanna Maciver, Annie (R) Mackenzie.

Andy Tulloch, and Roy's father John Maciver at Upper Dochcarty.

5th from left:  Martin Maclean, Martin Watson with baby Jemma, far right Rory Macgregor.

Sgt. James Macdonald - born in Gardener's Cottage, Brae, 1884.

Post Card to Miss Helen Maclennan, Leadcruich, Dingwall, from her brother Donald - 'Best Wishes from Donald' - also has written in pencil on it - '26000 Pte Robert Gourlay, Hut No. 4, 3rd Seaforths, Cromarty'.   

Carte Postale - to Mrs L Rose, Heights of Docharty, Dingwall - also written on it 'Helen Maclennan, Heights of Docharty, Dingwall 12/4/19'.

Travelling people with donkey.

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